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Pagosa youngsters compete at Colorado State Fair

Archuleta County 4-H Youth recently represented our community at the Colorado State Fair.

Following is the list of our local competitors and their results.

Alexa Alexander — Unit 1 Senior Veterinary Science, third place.

Paul Farrah — Unit 2 Junior Veterinary Science, fourth place.

Hayley Mitchell — Unit 3 Intermediate Veterinary Science, third place.

Shea Johnson — Level 1A Senior Photography, Qualifier.

Kendra Schlom — Unit 3 Senior Photography, sixth place.

Teagan Stretton — Scrapbooking, Junior, Qualifier.

Lea Leggitt — Scrapbooking Intermediate, Qualifier.

Alexa Alexander — Scrapbooking, Senior, Qualifier.

Alexia Alexander — Unit 2 Senior Cake Decorating, third place.

Mia Jones — Unit 5 Senior Cake Decorating, sixth place.

Brigid O’Brien — Unit 1 Junior Beginning Clothing, Qualifier.

Delaney Khung —Unit 2 Intermediate Beginning Clothing, Qualifier.

Sarah Ross — Unit 3 Junior Beginning Clothing, Qualifier.

Nicole Jurcak — Unit 3 Intermediate Beginning Clothing, Qualifier.

Devon Jurcak — Unit 4 Intermediate Beginning Clothing, Qualifier.

Timothy Cochran — Unit 3 Junior Intermediate Model Rocketry, third place.

Cameron Reed — Unit 6 Intermediate Model Rocketry, fifth place.

Seth Hansen — Unit 6 Senior Model Rocketry, third place.

Nicholas Roth — Unit 1 Junior Entomology, 10th place.

Nicholas Roth — Junior Archery Shooting Sports, Qualifier.

Angette Pastuszek — Intermediate Miscellaneous Sportfishing, Qualifier.

Ian Roth — Unit 1 Intermediate Sportfishing, sixth place.

Gavin Ross — Unit 2 Intermediate Sportfishing, seventh place.

Dean Scott — Unit 3 Senior Sportfishing, third place.

Megan Farrah — Level 3 Horse: English and Western overall, eighth place; Written Gymkhana, third place; Poles Gymkhana, seventh place; English Written, second place; Western Written, first place; Western Showmanship, third place; Western Horsemanship, eighth place.

Breanna Voorhis — Meat Pen Rabbits, Showed; Senior Rabbit Showmanship, second place.

Kalie Ray — Middle Weight Swine, Showed; Middle Weight Goat, Showed; Middle Weight Goat, 10th place; Middle Weight Goat third place; Senior Showman Goat, Showed.

Colt Ray — Light Weight Goat, Showed; Junior Showman Goat, Showed.

For more Colorado state fair information, visit:

Master Gardener applications

The Colorado State University Extension Office in Archuleta County is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the 2012 Colorado Master Gardener (CMG) program, until Dec. 30, 2011. Students will receive training in tree care, vegetables, soils, native plants, water wise gardening, pruning and much more. The training utilizes on-site and distant education experts to teach a series of 11 classes.

Classes start Jan. 26 and will take place at the Archuleta County Fairgrounds every Thursday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. The cost is $240 if you intend to volunteer, $575 for a certificate without volunteer time.

CMG volunteers are expected to complete 50 hours of volunteer time in the first year, and 24 hours in subsequent years.?

Contact the Colorado State University Extension office in Pagosa Springs at 264-5931 for more information, or an application.


Sept. 19 — Back Country Horsemen meeting, 6 p.m.

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