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Your chance to win $1,000 in Pagosa Perks

We are already getting ready for Christmas in Pagosa, the first weekend in December, as well as working to make it even more attractive for people to keep their money here in Pagosa.

The Chamber of Commerce has announced a Pagosa Perks Raffle, offering $1,000 to the first-place winner, $500 to the second-place winner and $250 to the third-place winner.

The drawing will take place Nov. 16 at the Plaza Grille — the host of the November SunDowner.

Tickets for the raffle are only $5 each, with five tickets for $20.

The raffle will assist the community on several different levels. Participants will be able to use their Perks at the Parade of Stores Shopping Extravaganza, Dec. 1-3. Parade of Stores this year has been expanded to include three shopping days, instead of two, by adding Thursday, Dec. 1 to the calendar. If you don’t want to use your Perks during the Parade of Stores weekend, just think how you can spend your local dollars during the next couple of months. Perhaps you can purchase that snowblower just in time for winter, get your car winterized or get some new tires. You can purchase school items and clothing, or treat the family to a night out on the town. Any way you use your Perks, the idea is that you keep your dollars local.

Our merchants, however, need to make sure that all staff members are educated about Pagosa Perks. These dollars, while they look like checks, spend just like cash or a traveler’s check. The Perk is guaranteed, so it doesn’t bounce! All the business has to do is accept the check, list the check on a deposit slip just as you would a regular check, then deposit the money — that’s it. If the amount spent is less than the Pagosa Perk, then change can be returned. Again, the certificate is guaranteed and acts just like money. Consider it local currency.

If a business turns away Pagosa Perks, it is turning away business and sales, and creating ill will. None of us can afford to turn away business these days.

Perks are also great because it is money coming into your establishment. We promote the concept that Pagosa Perks can be used at any Chamber business. In fact, any business can accept Pagosa Perks.

Chances for the raffle can be purchased at the Chamber of Commerce, from any staff member or from any Chamber director. We will also sell the Perks at various upcoming functions. We want to encourage people to keep their money in Pagosa while raising funds for the Chamber to continue the work we do and enhance our efforts for the membership.

Stop by the Chamber to pick up your raffle tickets, or give us a call if you have any questions regarding the raffle. We look forward to awarding these Pagosa Perks and making an individual or family’s shopping more expansive this upcoming season.

2012 SunDowner signups

On Monday, Oct. 3, you can sign up for the 2012 SunDowner schedule. This annual series of events allows Chamber business owners to host a Business After Hours event at their facility. If you are a new owner, a SunDowner is a perfect opportunity for people to see what you have in your store. If you are celebrating an anniversary or perhaps have a new addition to your business, this is again a perfect opportunity to showcase your business.

SunDowners are held the fourth Wednesday of the month except in January, due to the annual membership meeting, and September, due to ColorFest. Also, in November and December, SunDowners are held the second or third weeks of the month, depending on when the holidays fall. Many business owners choose a month for a particular reason: an anniversary, a special event, completion of a project, holiday impact or some other opportunity. Whatever your reason, we offer businesses the opportunity to choose a month on a first-come, first-served basis. Many business owners arrive at the Chamber prior to 8 a.m. to pick up a number to determine the order in which they can choose their particular month. Assignment of the SunDowners does not begin until 8 a.m. If you have picked up a number prior to 8 a.m. and are not at the Chamber when the assignments begin, you will forfeit your placement.

SunDowners can be hosted by one or more Chamber member businesses at a time. It is a great idea to combine businesses to get more exposure and share in some of the costs. If you are a Chamber business that does not have store frontage, it is a good idea to work with a business that does, to put both your businesses in the limelight. Several businesses located close together can have “block” parties, making the most of the exposure. The host business provides appetizers and the Chamber provides the beverages. SunDowners do not have to be elaborate, but should be festive and welcoming. It is your time to showcase your facility.

If you have any questions regarding the signup procedure, or about hosting a SunDowner, call Jan or Mary Jo at the Chamber at 264-2360.

2012 Pagosa Springs calendar

2012 Pagosa calendars are on sale at the Chamber and at various local locations around town.

If you have a retail outlet, you are welcome to purchase calendars at a wholesale price to sell at your stores. The point is to promote Pagosa and let people take a piece of our community home with them.

Every month in the calendar provides a different scene, urging the viewer to “wish they were in Pagosa,” or to remind locals of the reasons we live here.

We would like to thank the monthly sponsors of the calendar. We have the major events listed for the year — those we knew about at press time. This is a reminder to organizations that we plan a year out, so as soon as you know dates for events, get them to the Chamber so we can help you promote your events.

Calendars are available for retail for $10 (tax included). These calendars make great gifts for clients, especially in the real estate arena, since we want to continue to pique people’s interest in our community. It’s all about Pagosa, and we want to help get the word out and to get pictures in front of everyone. We will continue to produce the calendars so, as events occur, or when you are on an outdoor activity, or a beautiful scene comes your way, keep your camera ready and enter the photo for publication in the next calendar. We will continue to seek photos in the future and want them to come from locals and from the heart.

For more information or to purchase calendars in bulk, contact Stacy Kirby, special events coordinator, at 264-2360. Stop by the Chamber to get your calendar and hang it up at your home or office.



Businesses that produce a product made in Colorado have the opportunity to sell that product at the upcoming Entrepreneurship Marketplace, here in Pagosa on Oct. 7 and 8.

There will be a special Colorado Corners Market that will host Colorado-made products. It is a great opportunity for local businesses to gain some exposure. Attendees at the conference will come here from all over the state. This is also a wonderful way to network with other businesses. Booth space is only $100 for the two-day conference. Forms may be obtained on the Colorado Rural Development Council’s website,, or by obtaining a form at the Chamber.

While on the CRDC website, business owners should register to attend the conference. The two days will be packed with educational tracks geared to enhance business savvy. There will be six major educational tracks: Agriculture, Marketing, Finance, Technology, Business Development and Community Development. Speakers will be present to help your business, no matter the level it is at — including startups or those in an expansion phase.

For more information, visit the CRDC website at All registrations must be entered at the CRDC website.


We want to remind business owners that newsletter inserts are due by Sept. 26. We will need 650 inserts on 8 1/2x11paper. You can use both sides. The cost is $50. If you are planning a fall or winter sale, the newsletter is a great way to let the community know about your offer. For more information, contact the Chamber.

While we don’t have any new members to welcome aboard this week, we do have a number of renewals: Pagosa Feed and Seed; The Outfitter Department Store; Hibernation Station; Rocky Mountain Health Plans; Pagosa Springs Dining Guide; Centerpoint Church; Echo Canyon Ranch Association; LASSO; and FolkWest. Friends of the Chamber renewing are Bob and Lisa Scott, and Joan and Gene Cortright.

We appreciate all the renewals.

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