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Local veterans group welcomes Wounded Warriors

On Sunday, Sept. 4, a group of Wounded Warriors rode into town on horseback as part of a cross-country ride from coast to coast.

There were six riders and other volunteers helping. Among the volunteers was a Blue Star mother (mother of present military) and a Gold Star mother (who has lost three of her children in combat).

The riders were camped for the night in Aspen Springs and were provided a meal by the Veterans of Archuleta County. Gifts and souvenirs were exchanged.

Veterans for Veterans of Archuleta County is a volunteer charitable organization, 501(c)(3), who are veterans helping veterans to provide financial assistance to veterans in need, to advocate for veterans, and to provide resources of information and experience.

The membership consists only of veterans from the armed forces of the United States of America (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard, Navy). Associate members may participate, but have no vote.

Meetings are currently held Tuesdays, at 10 a.m., at the Buffalo Inn, 164 N. Pagosa Blvd. All veterans and those supportive of veterans are welcome.

For details, contact any of the board of directors: Jim Stone, 731-1994; Roy Melius, 749-4146; Karen Jones, 731-0413; Larry Jelinek, 946-2674; Kenneth Jones, 731-1025; or Tom Blankenship, 903-8671.

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