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Cards of Thanks


Last week, a wonderful woman in a maroon Envoy came by our house to let us know that one of our horses was stuck in the front fence. Without her coming by, it could have been too late before we saw it and the outcome would not have been as good as it was. I just want to tell her thank you and we were so rushed to run out there I didn’t catch her name. Hopefully, she lives here so she can see the paper. Big thanks to her.

Anne Price


The Rollergirls In Pagosa (RIP) would like to send out a warm thank you to Fire Chief Diane Bower and the Pagosa Fire Protection District for allowing us to use their facility for our big fund-raiser car wash. Not only was it a fun time to be had by all, but the fund-raiser was a huge success. We would also like to thank the community and to everyone who came out to get their car washed, purchase our new T-shirts and to support us. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will allow us to keep “Ripping” it up!


It’s not every day a group of people saves your life, and thank you, thank you, thank you eternally still doesn’t say enough for me. On Aug. 3, the emergency room staff at Pagosa Mountain Hospital, led by Dr. Caccavale, did exactly that, with only a 1 percent chance of being successful. Through their skill and experience, they made the right diagnoses — no — through their extraordinary skill, training, experience, wisdom and discernment they swiftly made all the right diagnoses, decisions and got Carol Ann and me on an emergency flight to Denver in inclement weather, to probably the only surgeon who could face the odds and succeed. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I want to thank with all my heart Dr. Caccavale, Cary and Nancy in radiology, Kathy Iveland, Kathy Douglas and all the staff on Aug. 3 that I missed. I also want to thank the crew with Tristate Care Flight including pilot Anne Kautzky, nurse Brock Different and paramedic Ed Martinez who kept me company telling old timber sale (we may have known each other years ago) and sheep hunting stories all the way to the operating table! God Bless and Peace be with you all.

James R. White


Thank you so much to all that volunteered and Sponsored The Patty Aragon Green Chile Classic. We could not have done it without you! Big thanks to: Cory Warden, Marci Lewis, Taylor Lewis, Mercedes Leist, Linda Bright, Nancy Shutz, Kristine and Julia Purrington, Susie Kleckner, Juanita Aragon, Diana Aragon, Judy Hinojosa, Theo Warden, Andy Warden, Patty Black, Jillian Jolley, Blake Roman, Sydney Aragon, Kyle Aragon, Matt Aragon, Mark Aragon, Ross Aragon, Danny and Nettie Wood, Shyane and Misty Shultz, Stacey Lewis, Pam Shoemig, Connie Vereecke, Jeremy Black, Todd Stevens for donating tasting cups and tortillas. Thanks to our judges: Lynne Killey, Monica Montoya, West Davies. And our sponsors:, The Springs Resort and Healing Waters Resort. Thank you to all 43 entries. Please forgive me if I forgot anyone. Thank you to The Pagosa Lodge, Pagosa Outside, Kip’s Grill and The Springs Resort for the hospitality you showed the band — Manzanares.

Jacque Aragon

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