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The talent in our community continues to astound me.

Dennis comes up from down south, visiting Pagosa Springs a few times a year; he always makes time for us by stopping in on Wednesdays, at lunch time, to play the piano. The atmosphere in the dining room transforms into the feel of a lovely nightclub.

The dining room was especially hopping one afternoon; I looked up just in time to see two of my people dancing next to the piano; too bad I can’t dance or I would have joined in.

Perhaps we need to start thinking about a dance once a month. Let me know your thoughts.

Then there’s artist Judy Robbins. She saw my plea for an art display and donated two beautiful paintings. One painting of aspen trees gives you the feel of being in an aspen grove and the other is a lovely still life of roses. Her paintings will adorn our walls while we are in between displays. Thank you, Judy. And by the way, we are still looking for more “Art in the Den.” Call me if you have a display you’d like to share and hang on the walls.

While I may have a big mouth, some of my people are having a hard time hearing me yell the daily announcements in the dining room. We could use a permanent PA system in the dining room, if you have such an item sitting around or would like to make a donation towards such an item, please give me a call.


I am hearing more and more cases of this happening right here in Pagosa Springs. Please read the following carefully and put the information to use.

“Phishing” scams are a perennial favorite of scammers, so please educate yourself on the different ways scammers use “Phishing” to steal your information. Share this important information with family and friends.

The term “phishing” — as in fishing for confidential information — refers to a scam in which a person or company attempts to fraudulently obtain and use an individual’s personal or financial information.

This is how they reel you in:

• A consumer receives an e-mail, text message, or telephone call which appears to originate from a financial institution, government agency, or other well-known/reputable entity.

• The message describes a reason you must “verify” or “re-submit” personal or confidential information by clicking on a link embedded in the message, returning a piece of mail, or responding to a text message.

• The provided information appears to be the legitimate website of the financial institution, government agency or other well-known/reputable entity, but in “phishing” scams, the website belongs to the fraudster/scammer.

• Once inside the fraudulent website, the consumer may be asked to provide Social Security numbers, account numbers, passwords or other information used to identify the consumer, such as the maiden name of the consumer’s mother or the consumer’s place of birth, phone number or e-mail address from a reliable source.

• When the consumer provides the information, those perpetrating the fraud can begin to access consumer accounts or assume the person’s identity. They also will sell the information provided such as address, telephone numbers, marital status and income to foreign telemarketers for further scam offers.

If you suspect an e-mail, website, text message or telephone call is fraudulent please take the following steps:

• Tell them that you will call them back with the number you have on file.

• If you suspect an e-mail or website is fraudulent, please report this information to the real bank, company or government agency.

• Example: If your bank’s Web page looks different or unusual, contact the institution directly to confirm that you haven’t landed on a copycat website. Also, contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center (, a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center.

This nformation is provided to you by ElderWatch, a program with the Colorado Attorney General and the AARP Foundation. — (800) 222-4444 Denver Metro Area

Upcoming events

We’ve scheduled an SMP Presentation — “Avoiding Medicare Fraud.” Join me on Monday, Sept. 12, at 12:15ish to learn more about how to protect yourself — yes, you — from Medicare fraud. I’ll share tips and real stories. Billions are lost annually due to Medicare fraud and abuse; protect your Medicare learn how to avoid fraud!

Medicare 101. Are you new to Medicare or about to be? If so, this introduction is for you. Trained volunteer SHIP (Medicare) counselors will provide the ins and outs of Medicare and help you navigate through this complicated program. Monday, Sept. 26, 1 p.m. at the Senior Center. Registration is required; please call 264-2167.

Medicare open enrollment. The 2011 General Enrollment for Medicare Prescription Plans (Part D) and Medicare Advantage Plans has changed to Oct.15-Dec. 7, 2011.

Transportation service

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to seniors age 60-plus; suggested donation is $2 per day. Call for details, 264-2167.

Home meal delivery

These meals are the same meals prepared in our kitchen by the same cooks who prepare those scrumptious senior center meals. Our hot meal home-delivery program remains available to those closer to town four days per week, with frozen meals on Thursdays and weekends. Meals are available to people age 60-plus for a suggested donation of $3 per meal. Give us a call at 264-2167 for further information.

Weekly activities

Friday, Sept. 9 — Geezers 9 a.m.; Stitchin’ in the Kitchen 10 a.m.; Gym walk 12:30 p.m.; ASI meeting 1 p.m.

Monday, Sept.12 — Avoiding Medicare Fraud presentation 12:15 p.m.; Gym Walk 12:30 p.m.; Canasta 1 p.m.

Tuesday, Sept. 13 — Chair Massage 10 a.m.; Gym walk 12:30 p.m.; Meditation for Healing 1 p.m.

Wednesday, Sept. 14 — Blood pressure checks 11 a.m.; September Nutrition Education.

Thursday, Sept. 15 — Administrative day.

Friday, Sept. 16 — Geezers 9 a.m.; Stitchin’ in the Kitchen 10 a.m.; Gym walk 12:30 p.m.

This week’s menu

Suggested donation for older adults age 60-plus is $3, kids 12 and under and guests $6. Our meal program is partially funded through the Older Americans Act via the San Juan Basin Area Agency on Aging, United Way, Archuleta County, Town of Pagosa Springs and other donations and grants. These funds help support the cost of the meal which is approximately $11.51. Please note our menu is subject to change. The salad bar opens at 11:30 a.m. with lunch served from noon to 12:30 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 9 — Lemon chicken, oven browned potatoes, broccoli, whole wheat bread, split pea soup, chocolate pudding.

Monday, Sept. 12 — Chili relleno casserole, tortilla, tossed salad, green beans with red peppers, apricot pineapple compote.

Tuesday, Sept. 13 — Meatloaf with gravy, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, tossed salad, gelatin with fruit cocktail, whole wheat roll.

Wednesday, Sept. 14 — Smothered chicken, cornbread stuffing, plums, peas, creamy coleslaw, whole wheat roll.

Thursday, Sept. 15 — Closed.

Friday, Sept. 16 — French dip on a hoagie roll, oven browned potatoes, mixed vegetables, fresh orange.

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