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‘Encounters with Seeing Beyond this Reality’

Victoria Liljenquist, award -winning film producer, international guest lecturer featured on TV and radio, recording artist, angelic contactee, and clinical therapist of Pagosa Springs, will share her amazing journey in “Encounters with Seeing Beyond this Reality,” on Saturday, Sept. 17, from 3:–5:30 p.m., at The Pagosa Lodge.

This fascinating lecture presentation includes film clips of spectacular live footage of “Heavenly” Light Ships, Merkabah Vehicles, and Pictographic images, captured on film by Liljenquist since 1994.

Recently ,in June, 2011, many Pagosa residents witnessed some amazing Light Ships, which Liljenquist filmed. Internationally, she has shared her uplifting message through lecture, film and music on TV and radio.

Liljenquist’s film work has been deemed credible by experts in the paranormal arena. After having a near-death experience in 1981, Liljenquist’s profound understanding of the heavenly realms expanded and her healing gifts intensified. She now assists many people throughout the world as a clinical therapist and is a healing practitioner.

The event also includes healing exercises with group participation and a Q&A discussion. Suggested love donation is $10.

Sponsored by the Southwest Light Institute and Learning Center, a non-profit Institute for Higher Awareness.

For information, call, Yvette at (970) 672-1167.

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