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Fund created to assist Riedberger family

Many of you know the Riedberger family.

You might have met Tom Riedberger as you did your banking or enjoyed a round of golf at the golf course. If you have spent any time at the elementary school, you have probably seen Carolyn Riedberger working diligently with her students. You might have even had an opportunity to see and talk to their two college-age children, Clark and Becky.

There is no doubt that Pagosa Springs received a blessing 11 years ago when the Riedberger family moved to town. We could go on and on about their many contributions to our community and lives, but we won’t at this time. Suffice to say that the Riedbergers are a family of angels.

Unfortunately the Riedberger family was dealt a tough blow last November. During a routine checkup, Tom’s doctor spotted a mole that he thought should be tested. Over the next few months the Riedbergers would discover that Tom has stage 4 Metastasis Malignant Melanoma cancer. Tom and Carolyn began meeting with oncologists right away and treatments began. Unfortunately the cancer in Tom’s body did not respond to the treatments he was given and cancer took over his body quickly. Tom is currently taking treatments every three weeks in Tulsa, Okla., at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

While the Riedbergers are praying for a miracle, they are living with the burden that Tom’s health is deteriorating rapidly. Carolyn has decided to take the year off of teaching in order to stay home and care for Tom, and he obviously is no longer able to work.

A fund for the Riedbergers has been set up at Citizens Bank to help them in this difficult time. Our goal is to relieve them of a large part of their financial burden by replacing their incomes. Your contribution is appreciated in whatever amount you can give. As well as your financial contribution, we would ask that you continue to lift the Riedbergers up in your prayers and thoughts.

Ways to contribute

Please make checks payable to Grace Church with the name, “Riedberger Fund,” in the memo.

Contact Debbie Moore (264-4281) or Casey Ketchum (264-9078) for donation dropoff.

Stop by the downtown or uptown branches of Citizens Bank.

Mail check to: Citizens Bank of Pagosa Springs, P.O. Drawer 1508, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147.

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