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Big-game hunting season opens Saturday

The big-game archery season begins Saturday in Pagosa Country.

Archery season for deer and elk runs through Sept. 25 — all deer licenses by drawing only.

Muzzle loader season for deer and elk (drawing only) is from Sept. 10-18.

A separate limited elk rifle season (drawing only) is from Oct. 15-19.

The second rifle season, combined deer/elk is from Oct. 22-30.

The third season, combined deer/elk, lasts from Nov. 5 to Nov. 13.

A combined, limited deer/elk season is set for Nov. 16-20.


The limited black bear season (draw only) is Sept. 2-30.

Archery (unlimited with/cap) is Sept. 2-25.

Muzzleloading (unlimited with/cap) is Sept. 10-18.

Rifle (unlimited with/cap) — concurrent with deer/elk rifle seasons

To participate in the unlimited bear seasons, a hunter must also hold a deer or elk license for the same unit(s) and season.

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