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A quiet voice ... shouting

In a sermon, my pastor, to encourage us to tell others about Jesus, would use the illustration that if you knew there was a tornado coming to town, you would overcome your timidity and run through the neighborhood, yelling and screaming, and pounding on doors to warn people of coming disaster.

I never told him, but I thought that I might leave a note on the door and let them find it in the rubble!

My shyness has always been a source of frustration for me and God is dealing with it bit by bit, but I received encouragement one evening when an evangelist turned to me and said, “I believe God told me something about you.”

I looked at him, curious.

He said, “Sometimes it’s those who are the most quiet that have the biggest voice. I’ve never thought of that before.” He acted surprised at the concept, but being a writer and someone who is active in prayer, the idea was very familiar to me.

Romans 1 and Psalm 19 tell us that creation declares the glory of God. Those silent mountains, trees and skies all have a loud voice telling all men through all time about God’s existence, awesomeness and character.

It’s often said that communication is about 90-percent nonverbal. After caring for a nonverbal person in my home, I believe it. She can’t talk, but she gets her message across. Though I work on being more verbal, I’m not going to worry about the 10 percnt so much, but concentrate on the 90 percent to communicate who He is.

We can express His character in our attitudes, our countenance, our body language and in the things we do. Saint Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the gospel at all times — If necessary, use words.”

Parents are advised, “Your lessons are caught more than they are taught.”

Also writers, painters and prayer warriors can express who God is without making a peep.

So, let’s join in nature’s chorus and honor God in all we think, say, create, and do.

A Voice

From the beginning of time

the sun, moon and stars,

mountains and trees,

clearly show us, Your creatures,

and we understand

things that cannot be seen.

Your divine nature and power,

strength and wisdom,

Your beauty, goodness and glory,

they shout it out loud

far and wide, down through time.

Lord, let me be a voice in that story.

Let me be like the sun

from the east to the west

warming the world with Your love.

Let me be like the trees,

limbs outstretched,

sending praises to You up above.

Let me be like the mountains

declaring Your majesty

in a language all understand.

Let me be like the oceans

declaring Your mystery

the depth of Your love, land to land.

Let me be like the rivers

offering life to the thirsty,

from the source pouring Your grace.

Let me be like the lakes

sparkling and clear

reflecting the light of Your face.

Your divine nature and power

strength and wisdom

Your beauty, goodness and glory,

I’ll shout it out loud

far and wide, down through time.

Lord, let me be a voice in that story.


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