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Pagosa’s Roberts takes music therapy project to Pueblo

Pagosa musician Paul Roberts performs this week at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo, a state-operated inpatient psychiatric hospital under the direction of the Colorado Department of Human Services.

Roberts will play sitar, mandola-lute, cello banjo, and other instruments for patients on several of the hospital wards.

“Music is unique in its ability to bring people together beyond their differences and to evoke a responsiveness which can be generally shared,” says Roberts who worked as a music therapist for several years early in his career.

John Graves who has collaborated with Roberts in community concert production in Pagosa, says, “Paul’s unique synthesis of the musical arts and mental health therapy was developed over a period of years at McLean Hospital in Massachusetts in association with the renowned Morrie Schwartz, title character of the best seller ‘Tuesday’s With Morrie.’ At McLean, Paul established an impressive record of success with mentally disturbed patients through his unique program of counseling combined with the creation of performing musical groups.”

Roberts moved to Pagosa Springs in 1995 where he pursues his music through composing, teaching, performing, recording and concert production.

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