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Pagosa GO-GETTERS get perfect inspection

The Pagosa GO-GETTERS Pathfinder Club once again did the community proud and earned a perfect score in club inspection at the annual Pathfinder Camporee at Glacier View Ranch near Boulder.

A neighboring club from Farmington was brand new, so Pagosa GO-GETTERS invited the New Mexico Roadrunners to camp with them.

“Pathfinders Around the World” was the theme and among the many events, the youth could “visit” different countries in booths set up at the site. In China, kids could get their names written in Chinese characters. In Germany, they learned how PFs shake hands there, and in Bolivia youth learned the dance of the Incas. The snake game was taught by Norway and in Taiwan the youth made spring rolls and ate them. Egypt and Korea were also represented.

Dick Stenbakken gave two stirring presentations. As a Roman Centurion, he spoke about his life as influenced by Paul. As Jonah, he spoke of his experience aboard ship and being swallowed by the large fish.

Together, the two clubs had the honor to raise the flag Sunday morning before the morning activity of games from around the world. It was a memorable experience, about which the youngsters are still talking.

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