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Letters to Editor


Dear Editor:

After having a grand time on parts of four days at the Archuleta County Fair, I felt I had to write a note.

First of all, the rain stayed away at the important times. (I have been in mud up to my ankles in the past.) Secondly, there were some new events, which I really enjoyed. The boxing matches drew big crowds. Monte Lane has started a boxing program at the community center and he and his wife, Susan, are already active in this community.

The Fast Draw Club provided great entertainment and raised money for Rotary.

I have always loved the 4-H barbecue dinner, and enjoyed the wonderful auction of the animals these kids have raised. And the dance with the High Rollers drew a huge crowd.

But I spent four hours in the rodeo arena observing the ranch rodeo. At least 36 cowboys (nine teams of four each). Wow! Each of the nine teams competed in five events and there were some hilarious moments.

So, I will congratulate the fair board and their volunteers, and especially another hero, Mona Hughen, for the best fair yet.

Cindy Gustafson


Dear Editor:

We have lived here eight years and this is the first visit to the Archuleta County Fair. I was very impressed with the volunteers; everyone was very helpful and friendly.

The 4-H exhibit was very well presented; after seeing some of the talent 12-16 year-old members have, I feel very untalented. The adult crafts and art (photos, sculptures, paintings, quilting) was very well done, and the Then and Now exhibit did make me feel old. The live entertainment was very good. The vendors had great things, and the educational tent was just that, educating the public as to what the county has to offer. I can understand the children missing the carnival rides, but I think some of the other attractions (face painting, illusionist, petting zoo) may have taken their minds off of it. The rodeo was very professional and well presented. Thanks to the volunteers and all others who helped make this a great day for those who attended this great county tradition.

Tom and Roxie Joy


Dear Editor:

Our annual Fourth of July vacation in Pagosa started off on a sour note this year, but I feel that a few special people in your medical community deserve a big attaboy from my family.

We had no sooner settled into our cabin when word got to us that our 11-year-old daughter, Journee, had been clocked in the head with a large rock while playing with some children on the bank of the San Juan River.

When we arrived at the scene a few moments later, Journee was being attended to by a couple from northern New Mexico. (My apologies to these nice folks, but in those agonizing moments, we failed to get their names.) They had already called 911 and were following their instructions. Journee was only semi-conscious and complained that she had no feeling in her legs. The man handed me his cell phone and I followed the dispatcher’s instructions until the ambulance arrived a few moments later.

Emergency techs John and Brittany showed true professionalism in the way they treated our daughter and prepared her for transportation to the medical center.

Our gratitude also to Dr. Phillips, Ben the x-ray technician, the kind nurses and the rest of the staff at the Pagosa Springs Medical Center who showed exemplary proficiency in their care for our daughter.

The following morning, Journee was again playing on her favorite sand bar on the San Juan River, having suffered only a mild concussion.

Our sincere thanks to all of you.

Rich, Anita and Journee Lucero

Henderson, Nev.


Dear Editor:

Reservoir Hill brings peace to many folks in Pagosa Springs. This place of peace, just above town, can take place most of the year.

An amusement park on the hill would chase the wildlife, look out of place in this town. It would bring light pollution, noise, disturbance to all.

The chairlift is an out-of-place idea by itself, without an amusement park and extremely costly.

Pagosa Springs has its own character, let’s work to keep it, not destroy the natural beauty.

Let’s save Reservoir Hill and not look back on how it used to be.

Pam Morrow


Dear Editor:

Mr. Porco, What do you find about the tea party movement that is so despicable? My wife and I were visiting our son in Virginia several years ago when the big tea party rally was held, so we decided to go over to the District to see what it was all about. There were thousands of people there of all ages, races and creeds and it went on all day. It was completely peaceful. We only saw one police officer during the two to three hours we were there, and he was directing traffic.

It was obvious from the signs and costumes that these were simply people that love this country and the Constitution.

The group of Republicans that were recently elected to Congress and have been labled “Tea Partiers” are just doing what the people elected them to do. I hope they don’t develop “beltway fever” like the others have, both Democrats and Republicans, but if so, we will replace them as well. That “fever” seems to destroy common sense. The current administration is composed of rank amateurs (at best) experimenting with government at our expense, and Harry Reid and most of the other Democrats are only too happy to go along. They are so far out of touch that they have labeled the Tea Partiers “radicals” and “terrorists,” and apparently you would agree.

The administration has been ignoring the Constitution and some progressives think it is time to replace this “antiquated document.” The Germans allowed this to happen in the 1930s and that certainly didn’t work out well for them.

The Democrats and many of the Republicans in Congress have chosen to ignore what happened in the last election and conduct business as usual, but I think at their own peril in the coming election.

Dick Riethmiller


Dear Editor:

Given the incessant “Nazi, racist, terrorist, etc.” tags the Democrats keep flinging at the Tea Party for having the temerity to exercise their First Amendment rights in this debate, and given the obscene level of debt they are foisting upon our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, perhaps we should start uniformly referring to these Democrats and compromised, “go along” Republicans as “financial pedophiles.”

The Tea Party did not win. The American people did not win. Only Obama and the Democrats won, because they can say they “compromised” for the good of the country, and many total idiots will believe them, just like they believe the “spending cuts” actually mean spending fewer dollars. If this was a boxing match, the Tea Party movement landed some powerful punches, but still lost the decision. Obama even has his czars out blaming the Tea Party for the country’s economic problems. Which is like condemning the guy who called 911 for reporting the fire.

Heard on the local P-Town coffee shop circuit that the “Troglodyte” in Arboles, Mr. Bob Dungan, is really a hardcore, card carrying Tea Partier. Why he’s even been seen struttin around the Hot Spring tubs in town sippin’ tea. Right on, Bob!

Jim Sawicki

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