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Fire district works to recruit volunteers

The Pagosa Fire District board Tuesday considered the future it faces following the recent resignation of Fire Chief Ron Thompson.

The answer, at least for the meantime: put veterans in charge of operations, and work to cement relations with personnel.

Following Thompson’s resignation, the board decided that, at least until the end of the budget year in December, Diane Bower will be the interim fire chief. Manny Trujillo will be fire marshal, and Duwane Ramey will be operations chief.

According to Bower in an interview with The SUN, the fire district will direct its attention to retaining current volunteers and recruiting more volunteers. Different methods to ensure volunteer retainment and recruitment are being discussed by board members, staff and volunteers.

“We want to keep the volunteers we have and recruit more,” fire district board president Leroy Lattin said in an interview with The SUN. “And get the guys that used to volunteer back interested again.”

There will be joint staff and volunteer training, during which staff and volunteers will work closely together to prepare for prompt fire call response.

“We want to try to get them (volunteers and staff) working together again,” Lattin said.

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