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Mountain Express to cancel two bus runs

Due to anticipated shortfalls in operating funds, Archuleta County Transportation/Mountain Express Transit will eliminate two current runs from Pagosa Springs to Turkey and Aspen Springs Monday, Aug. 8, as a measure to deal with the shortfall.

The second morning run leaving Pagosa Springs Town Hall and the Ross Aragon Community Center will depart at its scheduled time and will proceed as usual to bus stops as far west as Prospect Boulevard and Bonanza Avenue. At that point, the bus will return to downtown Pagosa Springs along its normal route. In effect, the department will only be eliminating the portion of the second run west of Bonanza Avenue and Prospect Boulevard to Turkey Springs, but will continue with the remainder of the route returning to Pagosa Springs.

In the afternoon, the p.m. route will eliminate the first run to Aspen Springs and Turkey Springs, again eliminating only the portion west of Prospect Boulevard and Bonanza Avenue, while continuing to make prescribed stops returning to Pagosa Springs from the Vista Subdivision.

Officials anticipate that the elimination of these two runs to Turkey Springs and Aspen Springs, runs that have demonstrated consistently low ridership year round, will save as much as 2,900 miles between now and the end of the year. With rising fuel costs, the elimination of these two runs will result in a savings of thousands of dollars in fuel.

The first a.m. run from Turkey Springs to Pagosa Springs and the second p.m. run from Pagosa Springs to Turkey Springs will continue as usual. The Uptown Grocery Run daily operating at 10 a.m. Monday through Saturday, from downtown Pagosa Springs to Country Center and back, will be unaffected by the changes.

For more information, call Mountain Express Transit at 264-2250.

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