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Letters to Editor


Dear Editor:

Rejoice, rejoice, we have avoided financial Armageddon. For now. What a battle, it was Tweedle-dumb versus Tweedle-dumber.

But does anyone believe we can reduce our indebtedness on spending cuts alone without increasing revenues, other than those crazy, midget idealogues, the Tea Partyists? They bullied the White House and Congress into this mish-mash deal then voted against it. Our political masters, most especially Obama and Boehner, are clearly suffering from an epidemic of testicular atrophy.

Edward Patrick Bennett

Common purpose

Dear Editor:

I have reflected this week on our recent trip to Glacier NP and the wonderful opportunity to explore much of the Rocky Mountain route taken by the Lewis and Clark “Corps of Discovery.”

Captains Lewis and Clark were able to draw on ever increasing inner strengths of these men, committed to the common purpose of their mission. Those who banded together years later in wagon trains headed west and fought in so many wars and conflicts had the same willingness to focus first on the common good.

This focus contrasts for me with the current national focus that desires to minimize our collective contributions to the common good, whether in service to the country or through paying taxes to support common national purposes.

Granted, we need to really assess what those purposes and priorities are, but I have the sense that the focus of many is on the individual rather than the collective society that has brought such great wealth and prosperity to so many.

Tom Cruse


Dear Editor:

Mr. Jim Sawicki is the noblest and most generous person I have ever known. Jim is willing to forgo his government benefits and pension in order that Mr. Murdock, head of Fox news, can soar above the clouds in his very own jet powered winged chariot. Perhaps Rupert is looking over Jim, monitoring his phone calls? If not Jim’s, perhaps yours?

Like Jim, I too am a fan of Fox News. The Fox News chattering nabobs tell it like they see it. The sun rises and traverses the flat earth. No pinko college professor is going to hood-wink Fox news.

Bob Dungan


Debt free

Dear Editor:

The recent media circus being played out by the Republicans and Democrats over an artificial and arbitrary debt limit is proof that the government in Washington, D.C. is irreparably broken and bankrupt.

The debt of that corporation, “U.S.A.,” is equal to the money in circulation. It is not possible to pay down the debt because the monetary system is based on debt. Debt creates poverty. Debt is slavery. How can a supposed free nation base its monetary system on a form of slavery? That monetary system has to come to an end.

The banking charter for the Federal Reserve must be revoked and brought to an end by December 2012 and new debt-free monetary system be instituted in its place. The financial situation right now is actually worse than in the 1930s. This time it is being called the Great Recession.

There are several videos in circulation that are very educational. To name a few: The Secret of OZ, End the Fed, Freedom to Fascism. These are all available online or from several members of the Pagosa community.

Imagine buying a house for $100,000 and only paying a $100,000 plus a service fee. Imagine no more income tax on the rich or the poor. Imagine no more IRS. Those are just a few of the benefits of a debt-free monetary system.

It truly is up to the citizens of this country to choose to be free or to stay slaves to a private bank. The Federal Reserve is a 100 percent private banking system and we have the power and authority to end its charter. This will be the end of the world for the ruling elite.

This one bold move by true American patriots will change the world again, just like the Declaration of Independence and Constitution did.

Thank you and God bless you in all of your endeavors.

Greg Giehl


Dear Editor:

It is about time that I introduce you to the WHIPS, or Women Helping in Pagosa Springs. This is a grassroots group of women who get together the last Tuesday of the month for an inexpensive lunch, but with the idea of making new friends and putting together contributions, which we immediately distribute to those in need.

We started over three years ago with about 15 women, and this summer with the snowbirds back, we have had over 50. Our popularity comes from word of mouth.

On two occasions this year, we have received unexpected gifts, which made me realize we are on the right path. I made one stipulation and that was that the meals cost 10 dollars, which includes everything and the restaurants in this community have welcomed us with open arms and we appreciate that very much.

We have no officers, no mission statement and a very casual agenda each month.

I want to thank Dianna Cureton and Tammy of the Wolf Creek Run RV Park for providing a glorious “shot in the arm” when they hosted 52 of us in the month of July. Deanna is another of my heroes.

For anyone who would like to know what we are all about, please call me at 731-2105 or 946-2291.

Cindy Gustafson


Dear Editor:

Eighteen-wheel gravel haulers have created and are creating a highly dangerous situation on County Road 326 known as the Blanco Basin Road. Not all drivers but many drivers are traveling at excessive speed, turning wide on blind corners, and because the road is narrow with steep ditches and drop offs on the sides, generally taking their share of the road out of the middle. There have been at least three reported occasions when residents have had to go into the ditch to avoid a collision. The road is narrow and dangerous enough without this activity.

Anyone travelling on the Blanco Basin Road to the Opal Lake, Squaretop, and Little Blanco trails will be at risk and should consider this before undertaking the trip.

County citizens living in the area are threatened with a serious and potentially fatal accident on every drive to and from town. Due to the high speeds, residents along the road are overwhelmed with dust and noise — particularly engine braking — and loud horns.

Citizens have complained to the sheriff and the department has not stopped the illegal and extremely dangerous conduct. To my knowledge, no tickets have been issued and the sheriff has been absent from a road where repeated violations are occurring and which are known to the sheriff because of numerous complaints. The sheriff has taken no effective action and remains unresponsive. I have been told that the county Road and Bridge official hung up on a neighbor calling to complain.

The county has the power to stop this. If unaddressed, this situation will end badly for some Archuleta County citizen.

Jack Latson


Dear Editor:

Free trade policies have exported jobs. Then, imported goods have been given tax free status. That policy has forced tax increases on goods made in the U.S. Then the Republican/Tea Party wonders why there are budget shortfalls.

You can get a tax cut when you create jobs in the U.S. The Tea Party needs to decide if they want to protect the tax loopholes for multi-national corporations, or create jobs in the U.S.

The lack of insight of many of our political leaders shows the effect of unlimited campaign contributions of multi-national corporations.

Don Reid



Dear Editor:

To all my friends and aquaintences that I did not get to say good bye to: I am hoping that this message gets to all of you.

Almost two months ago, due to health reasons, I left my ranch in Archuleta County. For almost 13 years I have enjoyed the mountains, streams, clean air, spectacular views, wildlife and friendly people of Colorado. I truly miss that and more — my volunteer work with the sheriffs department, my involvement with the Pagosa Womens Club and my sometimes part-time work with the fire department. Be grateful that you live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.


Diane Rieck

New Jersey

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