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Fire Auxiliary acquires vehicle for rehab services

The Pagosa Springs Fire Auxiliary now has its own vehicle for the specific purpose of providing rehabilitation services to firefighters during major incident calls.

The vehicle is a 2004 ambulance, purchased from Pagosa Springs EMS for $3,500.

“We’re thrilled to get it,” said Fire Auxiliary President Kathy Wilcox.

The ambulance will be used to hold water, coffee, nutritious replenishments, blankets for cold nights, wet towels for hot days — anything that might be of help in rehabilitating a firefighter during an extended call, especially a call that may last through the night.

The ambulance, according to Wilcox, is almost ready to go into use. The one upgrade required will be taking the EMS lettering off and replacing it with Fire Auxiliary decals.

Before this purchase, Fire Auxiliary members used personal vehicles to respond to scenes. The rehabilitation supplies were kept in two containers — one at Fire Station 1, the other at Station 4. The supplies will now be kept in the ambulance. It has not yet been decided at which station the ambulance will be parked.

Another plus is that the ambulance has an invertor. Before, the auxiliary members had to use propane to light their stove to make warm soups and coffee for firefighters. With an invertor, the propane will no longer be necessary.

The Fire Auxiliary will be holding its next meeting Monday, Aug. 22, at 6 p.m. at Boss Hogg’s. Wilcox said all interested people, both full- and part-time residents, are invited to attend.

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