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2nd Amendment advocate to speak at ACRW meeting

Denise Murphy, strong supporter of the Second Amendment and Certified NRA instructor, will be the featured speaker for the Archuleta County Republican Women’s meeting Tuesday, Aug. 9. The meeting is held from noon to 1:30 p.m. at Boss Hogg’s Restaurant. All are invited.

The importance of the second amendment became a reality to Denise during the Clinton Administration gun challenges. During this period she came to believe that “only free people can own arms” and that our country’s “Founding Fathers were all about liberty and defense against a tyrannical government.” After reading an article in Guns and Ammo written by a group called “Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,” Denise was appalled to learn about the genocide that took place in seven countries that had been disarmed by ruling dictators. Thus, Denise Murphy became a strong advocate for the second amendment and began her involvement with the NRA.

Presently Denise is an NRA certified instructor in basic pistol, rifle, shotgun and personal defense inside and outside the home. She is also a great believer that women must learn to be good gun handlers.

All are invited to hear and discuss opinions with this speaker who is very passionate about keeping the original intent of the second amendment.

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