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Cards of Thanks


Archuleta County residents and businesses should be very proud of their support of our veterans. We could hope perhaps for bigger and better words, yet “thank you” we hope will be said to all many times over. There are many people and businesses to thank, and we hope all will receive a greatly deserved “thank you.” No donation, however small or large, was overlooked or will go unappreciated. The very thoughtful donation by the Turkey Springs store hopefully will be eaten with joy. Some to be shared at a party by a caring wife, who won the bid. That “pie” from a family of veterans and community service. Yes, our community effort and town gathering was as simple as sharing pie. Those who were not there and not going over there, truly showed they care.

Our public awareness display was well received by the public. This included both history and current events the public should be aware of. Many current and past families of Archuleta County veterans were featured from pages of our Pagosa SUN with pride. The Pagosa SUN over the years has always given freedom of the press to our community and always included our local veterans. Many of their pictures and news articles were proudly displayed about our community. Thank you, Pagosa SUN.

Service to our country and our community will always be in the public eye. We would once again like to say “thank you” to all who supported a community effort to our local veterans.

Thank you all on behalf of Archuleta County Veterans for Veterans.

“W.C.” Clifford-Basett


Prayers and thanks for all your support and contributions.

Kathy, Cedric, Hank, Mia, Lea, Moose and Jackie, Jim K., Earnest, Cha Cha and Ed, Kevin and Robin, Max, Ed K., Jamison, LuAnn, Sean, Dave and Kathy, Dave H., Steve and Alberta, Mike and Lynda, Eliza, Randy, Terry and Pam, Raynel, Mike P., Wanda, Peg, Moses, Fidel and Cornelia, Jim W., Daniel and Antoinette, Richard and Marcia. Special thanks to the Rosebud Sioux Nation, South Dakota. All your prayers, spirit and faith.

Efren Dorame


In reading the newspaper, there’s a long letter of thanks about the Rotary Independence Day parade. I agree with all the thank yous.

Now, what about our firecracker display? This takes many hours of preparation and cleanup after it’s all done. Let’s get real and thank Dennis Ford, Chris Gallegos, the street department’s numerous members, the parks and recreation department, fire department, EMS medical service, the school district for use of the premises, forest service for fire control, the Mounted Rangers and police department for their safe traffic control.

I sat with many residents from the Soccoro complex and we observed the heavy traffic before and after, and these guys did a fantastic job of controlling the traffic as well as keeping the people safe who were walking. I want to thank all these people for their hard work.

Let’s not forget that the men (street department), too numerous to mention who displayed the firecrackers are under severe danger. Let’s give these people some recognition. God willing, see you next year.

Mrs. Beatrice Espinosa

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