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Youth Leadership in action at the Nurturing Center

The Pagosa Springs Youth Leadership campers gave an afternoon of service at the Nurturing Center last Tuesday, cleaning and organizing as we prepare and nurture our building.

These campers are members of the Department of Human Service Youth Leadership Summer Program where they participate in fun activities throughout our community while learning team building and leadership skills.

The camp is facilitated by Myron Carr (DHS) and Susie Mullins (Axis Health Systems). The Nurturing Center would like to thank these young people and their leaders for their enthusiasm and hard work; they did a wonderful job!

The Nurturing Center continues to evolve with programs, services and opportunity for all and we welcome everyone to visit us at 802 Rosita St. and see what we are up to and how you can take part. Our purpose is to nurture individuals, families and communities by creating opportunities for interaction among diverse groups of people leading to transformation, interdependence and sustainability for our community.

Coming in August is a nurturing group for parents of teens and adolescents in which both parents and youth will participate in separate groups and also come together to work on building communication and relationship. This is free of charge and will include a light meal and consist of 12 sessions. There will be various presentations including media and social networking, violence prevention and how we as parents can support our youth with these challenges and keep them safe.

Also in August will be a three-hour Co-parenting in Divorce Workshop. Ongoing is a work group which involves volunteer hours to nurture our center along with parenting curriculum and children are always welcome.

Call Lily Tarbet 403-9611 or Liz Alley 799-2187 for schedule and more information.

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