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CUMC and Community Part 2

This year’s Fourth of July Parade focused on community.

The people of the Community United Methodist Church are also focused on community. We are offering those in the community, both our church family and the community around us, an opportunity to learn about the opportunities in our community for those who are in need of hope for their future.

This second week of this series, a panel will discuss our Community Assistance Program, Pagosa Outreach Connection (POC) Program and the Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) Program.

The panel will be made up of Barbara Hendricks, Department of Human Services and one of three founders of the Pagosa Outreach Connection, Father Doug Neel, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church and member of POC, Karen Davison, outreach coordinator for CUMC and Cory Dysinger, CUMC church secretary and coordinator for Energy Outreach Colorado.

If you are interested in how CUMC’s Community Assistance Program and POC bring hope to many people in our community, then the panel discussion Monday, July 18, at the Community United Methodist Church is for you.

Next week the focus will be on Accountability Court.

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