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County to auction nine properties

Anyone interested in potentially inexpensive property, take note.

Archuleta County will sell the treasurer deeds to nine properties at auction in August.

All of the properties are vacant lots that are no longer subject to back taxes because of the transfer of the treasurer deeds to the county, said Archuleta County Treasurer Betty Diller.

Some of the properties have been held by the county since the mid 1980s, Diller indicated, and the county is looking to make the properties available to the public.

“The county is not in the business of holding investment properties,” Diller said when explaining why the county was auctioning the properties.

The sale of the properties would also put them back on the county’s tax roll, making them revenue-producing properties again, Diller said.

The treasurer’s office received approval from the Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners to proceed with the auction to rid the county of the properties, Diller noted.

A treasurer deed is earned through a process that begins with delinquent taxes.

When taxes are not paid on a piece of property, a lien is put on the property and the tax lien is sold at auction. If nobody purchases the tax lien, it becomes a county-held lien. County-held liens are subject to all of the same rights as a privately held lien, including the receipt of a treasurer deed when certain conditions are met.

Diller indicated that the treasurer’s office also tried to find the previous owners of the properties or their relatives before deciding to sell the properties.

“Generally speaking, someone didn’t want that property,” Diller said.

Of the nine properties, eight are located in the Pagosa Vista section of Pagosa Lakes, while the other is located in the Hudson Rio Blanco subdivision.

Diller indicated that an average actual value assessment for the Pagosa Vista properties would be around $18,000, while the assessed valuation hovers just above $5,000.

Although not subject to back taxes on the properties, successful bidders will have to pay the 2010 taxes on the property, as well as any accrued fees that have not been certified to the county and removed from the property, such as property owners’ association and utility fees, Diller said.

Successful bidders will have until 2 p.m. on the day of the auction to submit the cash or certified funds for the properties.

Diller said more information on the properties and sale rules is available on the treasurer’s page of the Archuleta County website,, and staff is available to answer questions at 264-8325.

The auction will take place at 10 a.m. on Aug. 23 in the treasurer’s office, located in the county courthouse.

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