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Looking for ‘Destiny’ — a gift in Rhythm and Rhymes

Two vagabonds came by my door. Their hearts were heavy.

One of them said, “We are looking for ‘Destiny’. Have you seen her? She has silky ebony hair, white ivory skin and her long curvy legs go up to her waist. She has put a song in our hearts and she plays us like silly school boys. Have you seen her? She answers by the name of ‘Destiny.’”

They told me of their woe: without her they couldn’t go on, their days of dance and song would soon be over.

So, this is how I joined in their search for “Destiny.” They explained to me this journey of Mind, Body and Soul and asked me to come along.

One of them said, “I have to tell you her price is far above rubies, but her cost is within our reach. Would you like to join us in our search for this rare beauty?”

These two lone pilgrims said, “Will you come?”

I quickly responded. “Wait a minute, I’m packing and I’m in. What do I need to bring?”

“Pack your paints and palette. We need an artist to join us.”

“Where are we going and who is coming with us?”

“We have invited two other travelers. Tim and Laura Moore are visionaries of the extraordinaire, and owners of the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts.”

“That sounds good,” I said as I stepped into formation and moved forward on this creative road we all chose to travel. This road called “The Arts” and we, artists of all sorts.

“Other performers, including a dancer by the name of Seriah, soon joined the group on the way.”

One asked, “How do we find her and where do we look?”

The two travelers, Harvey Schwartz, pianist, and Dave McDonough, a performance poet, shared their hearts. “We will draw her out of hiding by performing for her. I will read a story I wrote and Harvey will play music from the ‘Six Lyric Pieces for Piano’ by Edvard Grief. During this performance, Seriah will perform in dance. We will give a concert in Rhythm and Rhymes to honor her. ”

“What can I do as an artist?” I asked.

“Will you paint the story?”

“I can do that? I can see them in my mind’s eye. I will paint the story in oil, one for each reading. These six impressionist oil paintings (24x30) will be on exhibit the night of the performance and will be available for purchase. The proceeds from the sale of these paintings will also be used as part of the cost for this rare beauty. This is what I can do!”

Ideas continued to evolve as we journeyed the road together, all in the spirit of the arts. One idea led to many others until we were all resolved in finding this exquisite instrument, called “Destiny.”

We invite you to come and support this performance and join this company of seekers. You will be graced with three exquisite gifts.

1. Passion — the gift that has been placed in creative people.

2. Pleasure — entertainment, making some cry and some laugh, but always entertaining.

3. And Destiny — a piano for the performing arts and for all audiences to enjoy.

Take a journey of Mind, Body and Soul with a company of artists on July 22 at 7 p.m. at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts. Rhythm and Rhymes will feature Dave, the poet, and Harvey Schwartz, the pianist, and other performers of the arts. The cost is $15.. For tickets call 731-SHOW or go on line at

All proceeds from the concert will be for the sole purchase of “Destiny,” a piano for the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts.

Final brushstroke: When you search for beauty, you will never be disappointed. Beauty is in the heart.

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