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Ana and Roberto Garcia return to Art in the Garden

Well-known local sculptors Ana and Roberto Garcia will once again be participants at the annual Art in the Garden celebration, to be held this year on Saturday, Aug. 20, from 3–7 p.m.

The Garcias will have a variety of sculpture on display, and will be demonstrating the art of sculpture as well.

Both Roberto and Ana grew up in Texas. They traveled through Pagosa Springs on their honeymoon, and like so many Pagosans spent many summers here with their children. Fifteen years ago they were able to make their permanent home here.

Their foundry/studio west of town is in a perfect location to provide inspiration for their work.

Both Ana and Roberto were art majors in college. Ana is a graduate of Texas A & M and Roberto graduated from the University of Texas. They met through a mutual friend, and have enjoyed a life together pursuing the creation of sculpture. Their process of creation differs, but the end result for each captures the realism and detail of the subject.

Roberto usually has an idea or visualizes a finished piece. He says his ideas can come to him “anywhere, at any time.”

He first makes detailed sketches and then constructs an armature (a metal framework that serves as a supporting form for the clay). He works back and forth, returning to and refining his sketches and transferring the image to his clay. He repeats this process right up until he applies the final patina.

His work has been greatly influenced by classical art he has seen throughout Europe. His current work in progress is a commission for a large bust for a veteran’s memorial of a well known doctor/philanthropist in south Texas who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Ana, on the other hand, does not sketch on paper. Her sketch is in her brain. She uses clay as her sketchpad.

Her pieces “evolve” directly onto her clay. Roberto taught her how to construct and work from armatures, something she had always wanted to learn. Both agree that she is more detailed in her work than Roberto. Her attention to detail is exemplified in her sculpture of an elephant whose wrinkled skin and expression in his eyes makes him appear to be a “live miniature animal.” The piece she is currently working was inspired by the details on the face of their recently acquired pug dog.

While Roberto often “invents life” Ana creates more realistic sculptures. She says, however, “I have been getting more whimsical in recent pieces.” A bit of humor can be seen in her realism.

Roberto hopes to someday be able to teach the art of sculpture at the university level. He feels strongly that this fine art process needs to be learned by upcoming artists so it is not in danger of becoming a lost art.

Both Ana and Roberto enjoy sharing their talent and processes with people interested in visiting their studio.

Roberto looks forward to demonstrating his art at Art in the Garden. He ad Ana think this event provides a wonderful opportunity for attendees to meet and watch artists and to be able to purchase quality artwork locally without having to travel to distant galleries. They always enjoy the atmosphere, the live entertainment, and the gourmet food and drink that are also a part of the afternoon.

This year’s event is going to be held in a wonderful setting in Chris Mountain Estates, less than two miles west of North Pagosa Boulevard off U.S. 160.

For more event information, go to the website at Tickets ($40 each) are currently available online, and can be purchased at Nello’s Restaurant in the Country Center or at the Chamber of Commerce.

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