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Cards of Thanks


This a note of thanks and gratitude to both the Senior Center and the three wonderful singers that made the Senior Picnic really special. The food was really good and the musicians made me feel as if I could have stayed all afternoon.

Anyone could attend, you just had to call and advise and pay the small amount on arrival.

Thank you,

Lili Pearson

Golden Retriever Roundup

The Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the “litter” of tireless volunteers and sponsors who made the Great Golden Retriever Roundup event on June 24 and 25 such a success! This event could not have happened without you. Thank you to The Springs Resort, McCombs Family Foundation, Pagosa Feed and Nursery, Pagosa Lodge, Humane Society, Chamber of Commerce, Pagosa Photography, Old Town Market, Pagosa Lodging Association, Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts and Old West Press for your generous donations of time and funding. Thank you to the group of people who truly made this event happen: Anne Kautzky, Bonnie and Bob Hite, Carol Schneider, Chiraq Patel, Joe Donavan, Larry Schwartz, Laura Moore, Linda Lawrie, Lisa Hayes, Madeline Lyon, Mary Tighe, Marnie George, Mary Jo Coulehan, Mike Stoll, Neel Patel, Nita Niece, Pam Schoemig and RD Whittington. Also, thanks to Steve Vassallo for starting this event and Bob and Janis Moomaw for running with it. Everyone who attended wants to come back next year!


We would like to thank John O’Brien and his assistants who helped put the pews together in St. John’s Catholic Church in Pagosa Junction. We could not have done it without them; also, Mr. Kim Johnson.

Everyone else who contributed to our little church, thank you.


Thanks go to Renner’s Storage for providing a unit for our annual yard sale. And thanks for donations and all who worked so hard. Genuine gratitude for those who came and supported LASSO. Without you, we could not raise the much needed funds for this worthy nonprofit cause.


To the volunteers at Fire Station No. 7, Pagosa Springs EMS and Mercy Hospital Medivac Team: Thank you for your quick and efficient response on Monday, June 11. I believe that had you not arrived so quickly and worked so efficiently, the results might have been very different.

I am recovering very well, and I appreciate what you did for me.

Emma M. English

Frank and Chris Chavez

Pagosa Junction

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