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Nurturing Parent Center will open soon

Has anyone noticed some activity occurring at 802 Rosita St.?

Well, if so, maybe you have noticed the old, sad sign that has been changed to read, “Coming Soon, Nurturing Parenting Center,” or maybe you’ve seen that the lawn has been mown. Perhaps you noticed the happy people at the yard sale last Saturday.

If you stop by and walk up to the top level around back, you will see we are cleaning, painting and planning … for the Nurturing Center!

This is what happens when you get together some passionate people who want to serve and be part of a genuine community. Already, volunteers and past participants in our programs have come by to lend a hand or make a donation.

As a group of volunteers at this point, our goal is to create a safe haven for transformation and sustainability where families help each other create safe homes and neighborhoods, and become empowered by learning and sharing these skills.

We envision our center as a meeting and gathering place for families, where they can receive resources, services and referrals, and also participate in classes and groups, being given the chance to help others.

We will offer programs and projects through Nurturing Parenting, See It Stop It- Parents as Leaders Project, Youth Leadership Team, Fatherhood and Emerging Young Men Support, Car Seat Support and Installation, Casa de la Paz Latino Support, Alateen as well as other learning and programs that promote healing through movement and meditation.

We have partnered with Salvation Army to become the service extension unit for our community, offering a helping hand to our neighbors in the spirit of God with mentoring and opportunities available for service to others.

Come by, visit and become part of our family center; there are many opportunities to help or donate. You will surely gain from the experience.

Watch for continuing updates as we unfold in this beautiful journey of bringing families together to create a genuine community.

Co-parenting in Divorce Class will be held July 7 at 6 p.m. Nurturing Support Group for Families of Teens and Adolescents starts mid July.

Call Lily at 403-9611 for information on these classes and the Nurturing Parenting Center.

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