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David Pearson

In Memory of David Pearson


I think of my Dad often. He left us too early, but I am ever so grateful for the time we had prior to his passing. My relationship with him taught me to forgive and accept a person for what they are and what they can give. There is great value in being at peace with a relationship with someone you love. I loved him and he knew it before he left.

My Dad would often say that “Never do we say too little,” meaning you don’t always have to say too much! I remember a conversation with him, telling him what was in my heart. He looked me in the eyes, smiled a little and stated, “No words necessary.” He knew what I was saying and I knew he understood.

Perhaps something to think about is that if we love someone, forgiveness is not only for them, but for your own self. Everyone leaves a print or mark when they leave this earth and he left me with a peaceful feeling of love and forgiveness. I would hope to be able to leave the same when I go! Thanks Dad.

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