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Letters to the Editor

Good job

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to comment on how the recent water problem in our community was handled. I have a background in emergency management in a very large community right here in the southwest with a 30-plus year employment and I am able to compare some aspects.

I would like to commend the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management, the PAWSD, and all of the media and other agencies that assisted in the water boil advisories last week. The information was available, expedient, concise, timely and accurate for all aspects of this event from beginning to end. In fact, I feel very fortunate to live in a community that has such well trained and capable personnel working on my behalf for my well being as a citizen in Pagosa Springs. Anyone needing to know what to do and how to do it and for how long was able to access needed information — something that is not as well coordinated, nor as quick in some larger municipalities. I am proud that we have the resources that we sometimes overlook and take for granted all collaborating and working together with an apparently well-developed plan for such events within our community.

Good job all!


Ron Beckman


Dear Editor:

My mentor once wrote, “Once the problem is clearly understood, the solution is obvious.” This week I received another quote that sums up my conclusions regarding our national debt problem: “Naked ambition and political cowardice have sentenced our once-great nation to an economic Armageddon of biblical proportions.” — Martin D. Weiss, Ph. D.

“Political cowardice” got my attention. Congress (bipartisan) encouraged Bush to address Saddam Hussein. Congress gave Bush a resolution of authority to act. Congress funded the Iraq actions. But they never raised the money. They borrowed it and (cowardly) are leaving the debt to our descendents. We’re the most prosperous nation ever, our restaurants are packed with “prosperous” middle class Americans.

If the war was so “just,” why did congress not have us pay for it? Because we won’t vote for them. Congress is not afraid to send our troops to war, but they cowardly avoid facing us constituents with the cost. That’s why they so often feel free to act irrationally. We want national security, but we don’t want to pay for it.

Clinton got in trouble during his first two years, largely because Newt Gingrich introduced his “Contract with America” which proposed fiscal sanity, including a balanced budget. Clinton lost both House and Senate, but he listened to the voters, changed tracks, and won four more years. But as Gingrich delivered on his “Contract,” the media and liberals came down so hard on him for cutting spending (balancing the budget) that, for the good of the party, he resigned and the conservatives survived. A balanced budget sounded good, and got conservatives in power, but us constituents are so addicted to the last 30 years (pre-Pelosi) average $250,000,000,000 annual Chinese (or whoever’s) supplemental money that we won’t accept a balanced budget. We’re “the most prosperous nation in the world” on borrowed money.

Clinton once said: “If you’re going to be fiscally responsible, sooner or later arithmetic intrudes on politics;” that, arithmetically, you can’t lower taxes and increase spending.

The last big “bipartisan” bill of Pelosi’s regime, where the Republicans were invited in to “negotiate,” explains the problem; Democrats wanted to extend the “Bush tax cuts” except to the top 2 percent of Americans, and to extend the unemployment benefits 13 months, unfunded (borrowing); Republicans wanted to extend the Bush tax cuts to all, and require funding of the unemployment benefit extension. In the cowardly “negotiation,” we-the-people lost the tax increase on the wealthy, and lost the funding of the unemployment benefits. That’s bipartisan “negotiation” without arithmetic. Up goes the debt, twice! Explain that to your grandchildren. They face $14 trillion of accumulated “political cowardice.”

Obama established a bipartisan “National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.” The Commission proposed recommendations to balance the budget, excluding interest payments on the debt, by 2015. To survive, we must cut spending and increase taxes. Be constructive and support your party in so doing. Bashing the opposition doesn’t help.

And John Boehner cries because he inherited the $14,000,000,000,000 debt.

Harris Bynum


Dear Editor:

In a recent letter to The SUN, a reader complained that Mr. Jim Sawicki and I write too many letters to the editor. I whole heartily agree with the reader. Of course, there is no requirement that the SUN’s subscribers read our letters. I believe Jim does the community a service with his letters and encourage him to continue with his rants. There are many in the county and the country, perhaps a majority, who believe as Jim does. It is important that everyone hear, but not necessarily heed their message.

Jim and I do agree that the county, state and federal governments spend too much on frivolous projects. Where we disagree is our definition of frivolous projects. Jim says cut schools, I say cut county airports. Jim says eliminate Medicare; I say eliminate tax subsidies to the oil companies. Jim says let the hurricane victims flap in the wind, I say trim the sails of the Wall Street speculators. Jim wants government to help the rich; I want government to help the poor.

In a more perfect world, the differences between Jim and I would fade away. In this world, the American people must come to the realization that everyone’s (including Jim’s and mine) sacred cows must be gored if we are to slow and eventually halt our downward death spiral.

Bob Dungan



Dear Editor:

So we have this lovely new facility that we call Pagosa Mountain Hospital. I, unfortunately, had to utilize the clinic after a dirt biking accident, and I wonder why it’s even here. I had basically flown over my handlebars and played superman without a cape, I was hurt badly, but I’m really tolerant to pain so I drove my bike back to my truck and fortunately had some help from a couple on a side by side and someone from Fireside Cabins helped me load up my bike and made sure I had all of my gear loaded up. (I can’t thank you enough!)

My fiance kept asking me if I wanted to go to the ER. I do not have insurance and knowing it’s just $500 to walk in the door, I really did not want to go. I decided to go to the clinic as I have heard some good things in regards to them and their QOS. Don’t know who I heard that from, but my experience was not up to par. Waiting 45 minutes to see a doctor, as people just kept coming in and getting helped right away, I’m sure that there were appointments and such, but I am in pain, barely able to walk, barely able to sit and/or get up. I think that I was a little bit more priority than someone getting a checkup. Finally saw a doctor. She did some reflex tests and asked some general questions, which led to her telling me that I would get helped better by going to the ER. Wait, aren’t you a doctor? Can’t you tell when something is broken? Isn’t that why you went to school? What’s the point of having the equipment if you do not even utilize it?

Last time we came to the ER was for my fiance. She had a bad asthma attack early in the morning. A very expensive trip for her and they charged her for bringing in her own Pomocort! The ER experience didn’t leave a good taste in our mouths. So we went to Mercy Hospital in Durango, which I will recommend to anyone who needs help right away but can stand the one-hour drive over. My experience there was so much better than I have ever had in Pagosa. It took us 10 minutes to see a nurse and get into a room and have a doctor come in and give me an exam. Five X-rays later and no broken bones found. Thank the heavens! Got out of the hospital, got my medication, and hobbled up to Ska for some Zia. So why couldn’t our lovely clinic help me? Why couldn’t they give a friend of ours who came in and wanted an X-ray for his nose that he thought was broken? What’s the point of having this hospital when they tell you to go somewhere else for better care.? If the doctors are not competent enough to do their job, why are they working at a hospital “helping” patients?

Disgruntled Patient in Pagosa.

James Kolkau


Dear Editor:

This is a letter to Senator Bennet, my representative.

Our nation debt is out of control and needs to stop now! Each of us would be in jail, if we continued to spend as our nation is doing, it is unacceptable.

The White House does not seem to be cutting back. Each trip that our president takes with bodyguards and their expenses, plus his — it is not acceptable.

Cut White House spending, cut warfare spending, and our nation would be on its feet, so to speak.

August 2 is the big decision debt date. I am asking you, all of congress, senate, our president to stop making a fool of the U.S.

China almost owns us and will soon truly own all of us, and other countries will also own us.

Most people know how to manage their money, so listen to all of us, save this nation.

People, let your representatives hear from you now.

Thank you,

Pam Morrow

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