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Cards of Thanks


As the school year draws to a close, parents came together to provide a brunch buffet for the teachers at the elementary school and the middle school.

The parents who provided items for the buffets were Melissa Bailey, Cheryl Bowdridge, Margaret Burkesmith, Natalie Carpenter, Ronnie Doctor, Tomi Friedendahl, Rita Harbur, Anita Hinger, Carmen Hubbs, Rita Johnson, Beth Jones, Lara Khung, June Landgraf, Stacey Lewis, Felicia Meyer, Dawn Robel, Kristen Roth, Karen Ross, Lisa Scott, Barbara Simpson, Misti Smyth, Liz Starks, Kellie Stevens, and Gwen and Tim Taylor.

Other parents volunteered to assist with the fourth grade moving-up ice cream social: Lindsey Hoover, Jamie Kirk, June Landgraf, Karen Ross, Lisa Scott, Barbara Simpson and Misti Smyth.

Volunteers are a key component of a successful school. Parental involvement in a child’s schooling will help enhance student achievement. Thanks to every parent or guardian who has given of their time or talent to assist with any activity at the school this year. Your dedication is greatly appreciated.

Kate Lister, Chris Hinger


The family of Willard Seibel would like to express thanks to all who supported us with visits, calls, cards, flowers and meals for our family. Also for the kindness and generosity of those who donated food and help for the Remembrance Gathering for Willard. Special thanks to the Los Pinos Fire Protection District Station No. 5, who so graciously let us use their building and provided the tables and chairs.

The family of Willard Seibel

Music groups

A special thanks to the community for helping the high school music department raise the funds to go to Denver for Music in the Parks. Special thanks to the Hansens of Sandies Car Wash for allowing us to use their car wash for two weekends of fund-raising.

Dan Burch


The Town of Pagosa Springs would like to give a heartfelt thank you to G&I Sanitation and At Your Disposal for all the effort and time given during Clean-up Week for the Town of Pagosa Springs.

Chris Gallegos

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