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Need help? Get Help: The Community Assistance Fund

Perhaps there is a young single mother here in Pagosa Springs. Perhaps her name is Mary. Perhaps Mary has three children, the youngest under 1 year old. Perhaps she doesn’t receive any child support. Perhaps Mary doesn’t have a lot of job skills, but does work in housekeeping at a local lodging establishment.

Mary has aspirations for herself and her children, but she finds herself in a crisis situation, unable to meet the basic needs for herself and children. Mary is fortunate to be here in Pagosa Springs, a community where giving prevails over criticism.

For many people “perhaps” is their reality. The Community Assistance Fund can offer immediate help. The fund can provide a car and insurance; it can help with child care; it can give vouchers for food, gas or utility bills. It can help with the cost of medical expenses. This help is not a long term solution but, for those in difficulty, it does deliver some stability and hope that life may get better.

The money for the Community Assistance Fund comes solely from donations from the community. The fund is administered by Pastor Don Ford of the Community United Methodist Church, but is separate from Church financing.

Mary does not have to attend any church, she doesn’t have to fill out forms or go to meetings. She can find Pastor Don most everyday at the church office. He is there to listen and help. The Community Assistance Fund is a powerful example of what is possible at the grassroots level. The Fund provided over $100,000 in aid last year.

Art in the Garden is an event that supports the Community Assistance Fund.

Creative Outreach Charitable Organization (COCO), an independent, all volunteer 501(c)(3) organization, puts on the event. The event features fine art and demonstrations by the artists. There will be gourmet food, live music, and this year a house tour is also included.

Each year a souvenir poster is produced by one of the artists. The 2011 Poster is by Pagosa Springs artist June Jurcak and will complement the theme: “Memories of the Old West.”

The event this year will be held at a beautiful setting in Chris Mountain Ranches, located on the west side of Pagosa Springs, off of U.S. 160.

The public is invited to attend. Tickets will go on sale in July for $40 each. Proceeds are donated to the Community Assistance Fund.

The Fourth Annual Art in the Garden Festival will be held in Chris Mountain Ranches on Saturday, Aug. 20, from 3 to 7 p.m.

For more information, check the website:

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