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Campground reservation program expanded on the San Juan National Forest

The San Juan National Forest has added more of its campgrounds to the list of those where certain campsites may be reserved in advance through the National Recreation Reservation System. McPhee, House Creek and Chris Park campgrounds have been taking reservations for several years. For 2011, several other San Juan campgrounds have been added to the reservation program, including:

Pagosa Ranger District: East Fork and West Fork campgrounds.

Dolores Ranger District: Mavreeso, West Dolores and Cayton campgrounds.

Columbine Ranger District: Junction Creek, Haviland Lake, Vallecito, North Canyon, Graham Creek and Pine Point campgrounds.

Campsites that have been paid for in advance will be posted as “Reserved.” Only a portion of a given campground’s sites can be reserved each day, with the remainder available for first-come, first-served use. San Juan National Forest campgrounds are operated by the Rocky Mountain Recreation Company. The allocation of sites available for reservation will be evaluated on an annual basis and will be modified, as needed, to maximize customer satisfaction and accommodate use patterns.

“The reservation system allows visitors who want to plan their camping stays in advance to be assured of a campsite,” said Brian White, San Juan National Forest Recreation Staff. “At the same time, all of our campgrounds will still allow for spontaneous camping visits on a first-come-first-served basis at other sites.”

Reservations may now be made online and over the phone through the National Recreation Reservation System (NRRS). To book reservations, call toll free (877) 444-6777; TDD (877) 833-6777, or go to: For customer service regarding reservations, call (888) 448-1474.

For more information regarding the San Juan National Forest Recreation Program, contact Brian White at (970) 385-1246.

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