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Fun in the Son, at SonSurf Beach Bash

“We’re ready for a vacation bible school your children will never forget,” said Mark and Kathy Faber of Grace in Pagosa.

“At SonSurf Beach Bash your kids will have fun in the Son! Children will have a great time singing songs, watching skits, creating crafts and playing games. But most important, when they meet up with Jesus they’ll discover just how much God loves them. We’re looking forward to sharing this exciting event with the children and parents in our neighborhood. We hope they will all join us at SonSurf Beach Bash.

SonSurf Beach Bash begins Monday, June 6 and continues through Thursday, June 9, st The Pagosa Youth Center from 6-8:30 p.m.

For inform ation, call 731-6200 or 731-2231.

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