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Archuleta County Tea Party to hold open membership gathering

During March and April, several Archuleta County residents met to discuss forming a Tea Party organization.

The participants agreed to the following:

1. To formally organize and register with the Colorado Secretary of State, a non-profit corporation named “Archuleta County Tea Party” (ACT).

2. ACT established affiliations with the National and Colorado State Tea Party Patriots organizations, but will remain a local, independent organization.

3. ACT adopted the Tea Party Patriots Mission Statement, core values and philosophy

4. ACT will not affiliate with any existing political party or organization.

5. ACT will not refuse ACT membership to anyone who believes and supports the Tea Party Patriots Mission Statement, core values and philosophy.

6. ACT will have no membership dues or fees.

7. ACT founding organizers will form the ACT Board of Directors to define its charter, goals, strategy and tactics (tasks, actions, limitations, etc.) and present them to all members.

8. ACT organizers will schedule periodic meetings to discuss, plan, organize and schedule various activities to pursue ACT’s mission.

The first open membership meeting will include information regarding current activities in the ACT; and national and state Tea Party Patriots will be discussed, as well as issues in our community. The meeting is being hosted by the board and will include appetizers and beverages. It will be held on May 19 at 6 p.m. at the home of Lee and Pauline Murphy, 316 Capricho Circle.

For more information, e-mail

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