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CUMC returns to a Traditional Worship Service

It began Resurrection Sunday 2011.

It will continue through the summer months.

After numerous responses following the 11 a.m. Resurrection Worship Service on April 24, Pastor Don Ford has decided to return the 11 a.m. Sunday morning worship service to the same format that was used that day. The order of worship was from the 1952 Methodist Book of Worship. For those who relish in the traditional worship format that so many churches, including CUMC, have turned from these days, this worship format will be a refreshing and memory stirring worship that will remind people of the way worship was conducted when they were younger.

For those who are new to the church or have been away for some time, this 1952 worship format will be like experiencing history that brought so many people to God following World War II. This worship service includes The Adoration of God, The Confession of Sin, The Affirmation of Faith and The Dedication of Life.

Pastor Ford says: “There is no one way to worship the Lord. There are many ways. Different churches worship in different formats. It has been the tendency recently to offer a “contemporary” worship that includes electric instruments, praise choruses, and other forms to draw the younger folks. These are all good. Yet, there are some who wish to return to days of old, to the days they experienced or perhaps, heard of.”

The 8:15 a.m. worship format will remain the same that follows a “less traditional” format that includes Worshipping God through Praise, the Word, Thanksgivings, Prayers, Gifts and Obedience.

Between the two worship services, there is Sunday School for all ages. Three adult classes, Sunday School for those children in the eighth grade and younger and for those young teens in the 9-12 grades, a special class called God and Life using the Scouting format.

As always, child care is provided for all church activities.

Quoting Pastor Ford which is a paraphrase from the Gospel of John:“Come and See!”

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