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San Juan Public Lands firewood permits on sale

National Forest and Bureau of Land Management firewood permits are on sale at the local San Juan Public Lands office.

Permits cost $10 each and are divided into two half-cord tags, so the full cord does not have to be gathered at one time. Permits are good until Dec. 31, 2011. Each household may purchase permits to gather up to 10 cords of firewood per year for personal use. Gathering firewood for resale requires a commercial permit. Those gathering firewood must safely secure loads of firewood to their vehicle with the tag visible when leaving public lands.

Permits, which come with a brochure and map, are available at: Pagosa Ranger District/Field Office, 2nd and Pagosa Streets.

Firewood cutting restrictions vary according to species of tree, locations and whether live or dead trees may be cut. Those gathering firewood are responsible for knowing the regulations in place for the areas in which they plan to gather firewood. This information is available both on the permit itself and accompanying brochure. More information is available by calling your local San Juan Public Lands office.

In addition, updates on road conditions are available at local offices or on the Web at

For more information, contact the San Juan Public Lands Center at 247-4874.

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