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Mayor sets May 16-20 as town’s Clean-up Week 2011

Mayor Ross Aragon has declared May 16-20 to be Clean-up Week 2011 in Pagosa Springs.

“Over the past two decades, the pride in our community has increased dramatically,” said Aragon. “Improvements in the physical infrastructure and cleaner neighborhoods have been occurring every year. This year I would like to personally urge you to participate in Clean-Up Week 2011. To assist town residents in cleaning up our community, the town will be undertaking a number of measures for residential properties only.”

Those measures include:

1) Dumpsters located at 703 South 5th Street within the Streets Department fence. The site will be open for dumping from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday-Friday (May 16-20). Identification is required; you must be a town resident.

2) Curbside pickup of larger items such as old lumber, branches or appliances placed along the curb or right-of-way will be completed according to the following schedule. No more than one dump truck load per household.

• Monday, May 16: North 1st Street-North 5th Street.

• Tuesday, May 17: North 5th Street-North 14th Street.

• Wednesday, May 18: San Juan Street/Hot Springs Boulevard–South 6th Street.

• Thursday, May 19: South 7th Street-10th Street (Garvin Addition).

• Friday, May 20: Bienvenido Street and Piedra Estates.

If a resident cannot place items at the curb and a hardship exists, they should call Town Hall at 264-4151, Ext. 238, to coordinate assistance. Town staff will confirm all hardships and, if valid, will coordinate town crew assistance while the resident is present during pickup. The town will not remove or pick up household trash, hazardous materials, engines and appliances with Freon, or building/construction materials.

3) Removal of junk vehicles can be coordinated by calling Rita Prokop at Town Hall at 264-4151, Ext 238. You can call and request the removal of junk vehicles; however, the town cannot guarantee that all removals can be completed given various circumstances. Proof of ownership is required.

4) Cemetery clean-up is scheduled for the week of May 23-May 27. No Dumpsters will be provided at the cemetery.

“The Town Police Department will issue nuisance notices to property owners who have junk or litter on their premises after clean-up week,” said the mayor, “so please partake in Clean-Up Week 2011. The town cleanup is available to town residential properties only. Your help during Clean-Up Week 2011 is essential to making Pagosa Springs a beautiful and healthy community for all of us to live in and enjoy.”

If you are unsure if you reside within the town limits, call Town Hall at 264-4151.

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