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Local art students excel at IML Art Competition

Art students at Pagosa Springs High School submitted more than 50 original works to this year’s Intermountain league Art Competition, the works made in a variety of mediums including digital photography, ceramic, charcoal, color pencil, graphite, video, sculpture and mixed media. 

Tyler Johnson brought home the three highest awards: Best in Show, Judges Choice and People’s Choice. Best in Show and Judges Choice went to his video titled “Heading Sails.” Johnson has an unique approach to making his video, which involves compiling still shot photos and sequencing them into a moving and narrative video. “Heading sails,” for example, used 2,400 pictures.

Johnson received Peoples Choice for a digital photograph titled “Wall Ride.”

Awards were distributed based on medium and level of experience — beginner or advanced. To qualify in the advanced category, students needed to have a year or more of classroom instruction in the specified medium. Below is the list of honors received by Pagosa Springs Art students.

First place honors went to Tyler Johnson for Wall Ride, Digital Photo, Advanced; Tyler Johnson for Great Escape, Film/Animation, Advanced; Breezy Bryant for Mask of Color, Masks, Beginner.; Erika Pitcher for Blue Bird, Sculpture, Advanced; Sierra Stretton for Make a Wish, Digital Photo, Beginner; Tyler Johnson for Meth PSA, Film/Animation, Advanced; Tyler Johnson for Getaway, Digital Photo, Advanced; Erika Pitcher for Free to Fall, Mixed Media, Advanced’ Erika Pitcher for a self portrait, Digital Photo, Beginner’ Evan Brookens for Flower of Life, Digital Photo, Beginner.

Second place honors went to Natalie Gnecchi for Red Winter, Digital Photo, Beginner; Michelle Church for Unfinished Life, Acrylic, Beginner; Tyler Johnson for Wall Ride, Digital Photo, Advanced; Cierra Keating for Sakura Dreams, Monochromatic, Beginner; Zoe Fulco for Nowhere to Hide, Mixed Media, Advanced; Isaiah Thompson for Hatchet Man, Hand Built, Beginner; Roxana Palma for Artist, Sculpture, Beginner; Breezy Bryant for Thinking of You, Color Drawing, Beginner.

Third place honors went to Tyler Johnson for Drop In, Digital Photo, Advanced.

Honorable Mention went to Cierra Keating for Still Moments , Monochromatic, Beginner; Angela Gallegos for Espana, Monochromatic; Erika Pitcher for Below the Surface, Mixed Media, Advanced; and Isaiah Thompson for Douglas Adams, Sculpture, Beginner.

Stop by the Estudio Y Galleria Friday for the Pagosa Springs Student Art Show opening from 5-7 p.m.. Many of the IML winning works of art will be on display. Estudio Y Galleria is located at 84 Goldmine Drive in Pagosa Springs. If you miss this Friday, artwork will be on display through May 20.

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