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Chocolate Auction winning entries

The 2011 Humane Society of Pagosa Springs Chocolate Auction was an overwhelming success.

The annual Chamber SunDowner and Humane Society event drew a crowd of people who came to socialize, enjoy a delicious spaghetti supper, and have the chance to bid on 33 beautifully created chocolate desserts. Among these desserts were some true works of art, and this year, attendees had the opportunity to vote on their favorites. The results of the voting are as follows:

Most Beautiful Dessert

First place — Boss Hogg’s.

Second place — Let Them Eat Cake by Nita Niece.

Third place — The Floured Apron.

Most Creative Dessert

First place — Wild Springs Ice and Water.

Second place — Pagosa Baking Company.

Third place — And Justice For All.

Best Everyday Dessert

First place — Tie One On by Bev Chester.

Second place — Alley House/Farrago.

Third place — The Rose Restaurant.

The Chocolate Auction was a wonderful way to have a fun-filled evening and, at the same time, give support to the dogs, cats, puppies and kittens that depend on the shelter for housing and nourishment. Just over $7,000 was raised by the auction and will be used to help offset the daily operating costs of the Humane Society shelter.

For more information on the Humane Society, shelter, thrift store and volunteer program, or to find out ways you can help, contact the Humane Society administrative office at 264-5549.

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