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Obituary-Mary Margaret Dix-Caruso

On April 6, 2011, at 67, Mary Margaret, Maggi, Mom, Grandma, passed after a lengthy battle with kidney cancer.

Born March 25, 1944, in Trenton, Mo., daughter of William A. and Wineva F. Dix. Maggi was a cosmetologist until she decided to pursue her dream of being an architect and graduated with a B.S. in architecture from the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk JayHawk) in 1985 at the age of 41. Maggi and Jim Caruso married in 1990 (the love of her life) and moved to Pagosa Springs in 1995 and built her first of three self-designed houses. Shortly after, Jim died from injuries in a traffic accident in 1997. Maggi owned and operated Envelopment Architecture in Pagosa Springs, she was an actively involved member in Rotary, the Builders Association, where she also served a term as president, Pagosa Fiber Festival, for which she designed the yearly poster, supporter of the Humane Society through adoptions and more, a member of Mensa, and rode her horses in numerous horse shows and Fourth of July parades.

She loved to ski, shoot her bow, shoot porcupines, cook, sew, create stained glass pieces, weave, listen to Pink Floyd and Elton John, do crossword puzzles and read the funnies on Sunday. My mother was an absolutely beautifully amazing woman. She was a strong and supporting single mother, a grandmother that every child would wish for, and a giving and loyal friend.

A few memories from her friends: “We live and work in buildings that represent the imagination of your mother’s mind.” “Maggi was generous and kind. At the same time, she could tell it like it is and everyone knew she was right.” “She has forever left her beautiful mark on Pagosa well beyond what any other could have done. Her artful creation of homes will keep her in our hearts and minds.” A few more of her creations are the Bell Tower, the Bank of Colorado, Talisman Point, and many homes and more. Mom retired and moved to Collinsville, Okla., in 2008, just a stone’s throw from her brother where she enjoyed her goats, chickens, geese, miniature horse and pony. Mom did not want a funeral or memorial. Her wish is to have her ashes scattered across the Overlook. Maggi is survived by son, Gregg Huskey, of Columbia, Mo.; daughter, Ginni Olachea, of Pagosa Springs; step-daughter, Dana McCullough and two sons of Phoenix, Ariz.; step-daughter, Dale Sattel and daughter, of Denver, Colo.; grandson, Elijah Olachea, of Pagosa Springs; granddaughter, Sierra Olachea, of Pagosa Springs; granddaughter, Tabitha Sackett and two children, of Springfield, Mo.; brother, Charles V. Dix, of Stewartsville, Mo.; sister, Melva J. Steen, of Pueblo, Colo.; sister, Donna C. Utter, of Bonners Ferry, Idaho; and brother, John A. Dix, of Collinsville, Okla.

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