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Letters to Editor


Dear Editor:

John Meyer’s letter last week, “No Choice,” was full of fallacy. While I can appreciate the pro life/pro choice debate, half truths and harsh words from either side infuriate me.

• President Obama never said what was “quoted” by Mr. Meyer. What he did say, was that we need to find common ground and use fair-minded words when it comes to the issue of abortion.

• Mr. Meyer’s claim that “presently pregnancy support centers get no federal funds” is also false. Pregnancy support centers, also known as crisis pregnancy centers, do receive federal funding, although not as much as planned parenthood. These centers do not provide healthcare services like planned parenthood does.

• Mr. Meyer stated that planned parenthood “should call themselves pro death.” Ninety percent of planned parenthood’s services are preventative healthcare. In 2009, they performed nearly one million pap smears, a life-saving cancer screening. They provided 830,000 breast exams and 3.5 million STD tests and treatment, including HIV. They also provided services for men: routine physical exams, colon, testicular and prostate cancer screenings, as well as vasectomies. One in five women have used planned parenthood. For more than half of the patients, this is the only nurse or doctor they will see all year.

• The Hyde Amendment expressly prohibits the use of taxpayer money for abortions except in the cases of rape, incest, or to preserve the life of the mother. Additionally, President Obama signed an executive order last year which reaffirmed the principles of the Hyde Amendment.

I fail to see how providing life-saving cancer screening, annual exams, birth control and STD treatment/testing to people who cannot afford it otherwise is considered “pro death,” as Mr. Meyer put it. To me, a person suffering and dying from a treatable form of cancer because he or she could not afford the screening is exactly that.

Planned parenthood does not use federal funding to perform abortions. It uses the money to provide basic health care services to those who need it. And that, to me, is Pro Life.

Susan Caudle


Dear Editor:

With regard to Mr. Dungan’s article on “Folly,” I think it worthwhile to examine more closely the various allegations he so conveniently throws out to the public. With regard to the $600,000 lawsuit, which he cites as involving a few loads of gravel, he might have taken the trouble to more fully inform himself of the facts involved. The facts include elements of misuse and breakage of county equipment and who is to be charged with responsibility for the resultant damages, which amounts to considerably more than a few loads of gravel.

With regard to the “astronomical” numbers for plowing the airport, it would have been more appropriate if he had quoted the annual cost which is the result of a contract entered into between Hart and the county. Further, he might have deemed it more relevant if he had bothered to point out that snowplowing at the airport is mandated by the FAA in return for its heavy investment in keeping the airport facility open to provide for emergency services serving our community.

If Mr. Dungan does not understand the amount the county pays for debt service, he could easily have determined that this requirement exists because previous county commissioners had to accept this as a means of having the feds provide the needed funds to properly repair and improve the runway to meet both present and future demands.

It is truly unfortunate that Mr. Dungan thinks it important to denigrate the efforts that have been made to maintain Stevens Field as the prime economic contributor to the community.

Ralph Goulds


Dear Editor:

Folks, write to your representatives now and help save our planet.

If you need ideas — ask for means to stop our budget crisis, federal, states, across the nation.

It seems we do not hear/read enough on cuts to the military, i.e., warfare. I am specific to warfare, due to I understand the defense department is researching clean energy.

It appears one day of stopping warfare could result in savings, i.e., fuel, humankind and less carbon footprints.

Ask congress to do what can be done to create the most expense to our nation, to a stop!

The equation is too easy — but we need results now.

Warfare equals cost equals extreme cost. Reduce warfare equals increase monies for the good and the people.

Folks, think about it, how many of you have written to your representatives? I do not mean a form letter; express your own thoughts now.

Thank you,

Pam Morrow


Dear Editor:

Last week I presented some questions for the LPEA District 1 Board candidates. I have heard back from two of the candidates, but was a little slow getting the questions to the third. I’ll let you know next week how it goes and share whatever responses I have at that time.

LPEA customers should be receiving their ballots this week from LPEA — please don’t toss them.Ballots must be returned by May 13. Inform yourself on the issues and the candidates and vote accordingly.

Kirsten Skeehan


Dear Editor:

On April 11 my husband and I were traveling to Durango when we hit a stone on U.S. 160 that damaged our car, rendering it unable to be driven.

We were assisted by Trooper Talbot, tow truck driver Gerald Manzanares, and Ken of Ken’s Performance Center.

Mr. Manzanares went out of his way to be accommodating, taking us to a location where we were able to secure a rental car. The woman, whose name I do not remember, who handled the rental car came back to work to assist us as she had already left for the day.

This degree of kindness and helpfulness was greatly appreciated. Not being familiar with the area, I don’t know what we would have done without the help of all of those people. I want them to know how truly grateful we are for the caring and consideration shown to strangers whom they will never see again. A heartfelt thank you to all of you.

Roberta Jachym

Westmoreland, N.Y.

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