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Pagosa Destination Imagination Teams qualify for Global Finals

Six Destination Imagination teams represented Pagosa schools at the Colorado State Tournament Saturday, April 16, in Denver. Four of those teams qualified to advance to the highest level of competition.

When the DI season begins in October, each Destination Imagination team chooses one of five main challenges. Teams are divided into three age divisions. Two hundred eighty Colorado teams qualified at regional levels to compete at the state level.

Pagosa’s DI teams took two first places, one second, one third and one fourth place. Teams placing first, second or third are eligible to compete at the upcoming Global Finals the last week of May at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

The high school level Spazztastics earned their trip to Globals in the Improvisational Challenge, “Mythology Mission.” Before the students created their spontaneous five-minute skit and solved their challenge, they had performed extensive research into twelve different cultures. At the competition, the team was given a few props, their randomly chosen culture and an unexpected problem to overcome.

The PSHS DoubleBackTrackers return to the Global Finals in the Fine Arts Challenge, “Triple Take Road Show.” They used three different storytelling methods to tell their story of personal behavior choices to three pretend audiences. They moved among their three audiences, employed three different methods of travel and integrated a technical spectacle of special effects into their performance.

The high school level Imaginators6 and the elementary level Smartalics both excelled in the Scientific Challenge, “Spinning a Tale.” The students researched energy cycles and presented a three-act circular story demonstrating their knowledge about natural or physical science. In their sets, they integrated a “DIcycler,” an elaborate and dynamic component that helped tell their story and signaled the end of the cycle. While the Imaginators6 are returning to Global Finals for the fourth time, the Smartalics are first-timers and the youngest team ever qualifying from Pagosa schools.

Destination Imagination is an interdisciplinary co-curricular project that blends academic and creative achievement. Our Colorado Affiliate is expanding rapidly. Colorado DI (CODI) is the third largest Affiliate, behind only Texas and British Columbia. In 2010, Colorado school districts sponsored 977 DI teams and 6,839 DI students.

The Pagosa school district funds our DI students through the Southwest Regional and the Colorado State Tournament. Due to budget constraints, no Colorado school district can fund students qualifying for national or global competitions.

Again this year, Pagosa DI students will be reaching out to individuals and businesses to help pay for travel and registration expenses. To make a tax-deductible contribution to these accomplished students, contact the school district through Sally High at 264-2794, Ext. 583, or

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