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Phase 1 of work on playing fields complete

Age leaves its mark, be it on faces, cars or buildings.

Only with considerable time, energy and resources is it possible to repair, rejuvenate and give new life to things marked by age.

Sports complexes are no different.

Years of wear and tear, weather and a lack of resources left the softball and baseball complex near Pagosa Springs High School showing their age, with crumbling concrete, peeling paint, uneven playing fields and more.

But, with the help of numerous contributions and donations of in-kind work, a group of citizens, working with the town, county and school district, has breathed new life into the tired facilities, with more work planned for this summer.

In an effort to repair and make the complex presentable and attractive to residents and tourists alike, phase one of the rejuvenation project included graveling the driveway between the fields, pouring concrete, fixing and painting the concession stand, adding red clay to the high school baseball field infield, purchasing a scoreboard, relocating the resident rodent and more.

Phase one came with a price tag of over $52,000, the lion’s share of which came from in-kind donations, mainly labor and equipment, from the town, school district, and several local contractors and monetary donations from individuals, contractors and local businesses.

Additionally, Archuleta County allocated $11,000 from its 1A Parks and Recreation fund

A second phase of the project slated to take place this spring, should funding allow, comes with an estimated cost of almost $41,000.

The second phase aims to purchase two additional baseball/softball scoreboards, add red infield clay to two more fields, construct one pitching mound and repair the fence on the high school field between dugouts.

Project proponents are seeking the funding primarily from the county’s 1A Parks and Recreation fund to complete the project, with the application to be heard in May by the county’s Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails taskforce.

In a related goal, proponents of the project hope the work at the fields will help to bring the complex up to the standards necessary to host both youth and adult tournaments at the site, as well as league play for both baseball and softball, possibly increasing its role as an economic driver in the community.

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