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Mayor to host Earth Day meeting Friday at noon

Pagosa Springs Mayor Ross Aragon will host an Earth Day event tomorrow at noon in the south conference room of the Ross Aragon Community Center.

Aragon said that he is hosting the event in hopes to create enthusiasm for a cleaner Pagosa. “I just felt compelled to schedule this event to start a conversation and see if we can improve how the town looks by raising awareness regarding the environment.”

“I just get so frustrated seeing the condition of our environment,” Aragon continued. “Having litter from one end of the county to the other, no matter where you drive ... it’s just unacceptable.

“I just feel you can’t have too much awareness of the problem,” he added.

“I want to start a program where people are working together to address the problem, to continue to try and instill awareness that we live in a beautiful town and to keep it beautiful. It’s not just April 22 (Earth Day), but every day.”

Aragon added that he is hoping the event will be well attended and that he is seeking public input and ideas for his program.

In previous years, the mayor has led initiatives for a town clean up, anti-litter campaigns and green awareness. The mayor said that he hopes to expand on those previous initiatives, while soliciting ideas and participation from local residents that will continue the mayor’s ongoing commitment to a clean and green Pagosa Springs.

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