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Music Boosters set cast for ‘South Pacific’

Pagosa Springs Music Boosters is proud to announce the casting of their summer holiday show, the ever-popular and frequently requested “South Pacific,” by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Mark your calendar for the last week of June into July to attend this classic musical theater production featuring actors of all ages, from all aspects of our talented Pagosa community. 

The cast includes Anne Price, Joseph Portal, Vanessa Morris, Anne Townsend, Laith Scherer, Ryley Gardner, Elsa Lindner, Nick McKee, Trace Gross-Sanchez, Jay Davison, Phil Kuhl, Robert Neel, Dylan Koch, Max Miller, Colin Oliver, Dillon McKee, Kurt Laverty, Jeff Schaupp, Harvey Schwartz, Darcy DeGuise, Becca Stephens, Laura Stine, Zoe Fulco, Hayley Hudson, Charisse Morris, Brooke Hampton, Raina LaChance, Amy McKee, Jodi Kurz, Johanna Laverty, Rowan Taylor, Leslie Bauchman, Kaitlen Richey, Kitman Gill, Betty Schwicker, Alexandria Reeds, Frances Miller, Susie Tanner, Jessica Tanner, Marice Maples, Jackie Henderson, Zoe Geraghty, Taylor Jones, Ryan Stahl and Gabby Gonzales. 


Rehearsals are currently under way. 

See or call Dale Morris for further information or to become a Music Boosters volunteer.  Music Boosters supports performing arts education in our schools.

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