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Letters To Editor


Dear Editor:

Just a reminder to all the folks in Pagosa to let them know we do have recycling in Pagosa.

We recycle mixed paper, cardboard, No. 1 and No. 2 plastic bottles, aluminum and tin cans and glass bottles.

The aluminum goes to Farmington. The money collected is used for a scholarship fund for the high school.

The tin cans and all other recyclables go to Durango to be recycled.

A personal thank you for helping to recycle and I will be waiting for you at the transfer station, two miles from town on County Road 500.

Lester Rivas

Recycling attendant


Dear Editor:

The Archuleta County Republican Party’s public forum on 7 April was great for transparency, even if some Republicans don’t agree on conducting a public forum, where the local voter can ask clear-cut questions of the two candidates; and they definitely should be afforded that opportunity.

Therefore, some kudos must go to the “Chair” of the local Republican Party — Mr. Huffman. I’d bet that he was very influential in holding the forum.

So now, Mr. Huffman: I want to broach some continuing transparency. I want to know how the Republican committee members voted: Who voted for whom … by name. I’m certain many citizens in the community would also like to digest how the selection committee hair weaves on the scalp of stupidity.

BTW … it was most interesting to hear Mr. Wadley state at the forum that his “most significant contribution to the community” was the four years that he spent on the board of directors of the Humane Society of Pagosa Springs. Personally, from my observations of Wadley during those four years, I felt sorry for the dogs. They are the ones who suffered.

Yes, you will be sorely missed on the BoCC John Ranson!

Jim Sawicki

Editor’s note: Regarding the vote tally, please see the related article in this edition of The SUN.


Dear Editor:

I would like to sincerely apologize to Bart Cox, Paul Draper, Greg Howard, Barry Ebersol and Terry Baker for my failure to recognize the importance of describing the details of their programs/activities to the San Juan Outdoor Club at the April 7 meeting. My interruption was totally uncalled for and inappropriate. Please do not quit promoting and leading SJOC activities because of my actions. I accept total responsibility for them and I assure you something like this will not happen again. Because of my behavior, I have resigned from the SJOC board.


Michael Schneider


Dear Editor:

Re: County road Andrews Lane to Cedar Drive, just off CR 500.

Well, Clifford, it seems that you have again forgotten to call me and forgotten why you were elected … to make a difference, but you are just like the rest of the politicians. I have tried and tried to talk with you. To get you and the supervisor of the road department out here since last October. You told us that if we graveled the road in order to get our home in, that the county could not pay us for the gravel as it was not up to county specs. We were not able to get our home in … had no choice but to gravel a county road in order to get it here. We spent almost $1,000. The gravel we put on was barely enough to get our home in and we have constantly asked you for help since then.

Take a look at this county road. It is your county road. If this was not going to be property cared for, why was it accepted into the system? It is a one-lane mess … all we want is gravel so that it is passable and for it to be built up so that the water drains off it and not sit in the middle.

The county spent time down here last year putting in two large culverts. Last October, the road boss laughed in my face when I asked him about putting gravel here and said, “Oh, yeah, I remember that road, I got stuck there twice!” Duh! Bruce Quintana came down and looked at the road as part of our permit to build. He even stated that it was a mess. Bring it up higher than the area on either side and gravel it. There are a number of homes here that use this road and it would be good for the county to make it accessible for emergency vehicles, don’t you think?

It seems you took on more than you could handle as a commissioner, Clifford. You were raised here as I was and our families go back many years here. You know the struggles our families have had to endure. Trying to satisfy the rich and forgetting those upon whose backs this county was built.


J. Mencor Valdez

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