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Republican Women and Republican Central Committee to host Tax Day Tea Party

Archuleta County Republican Women’s club and the Republican Central Committee are co-sponsoring the third annual Tax Day Tea Party for concerned citizens to be held April 14 from 3-5 p.m. at the Pagosa Lodge.

All are welcome regardless of political affiliation; admission and refreshments are free.

This year’s speaker is Dr. Bill Plested, former president of the American Medical Association. Plested is a strong advocate for a patient’s right to choose their physician without government intervention and less government regulation of medical care. Therefore, he is opposed to Obamacare, which he feels will increase costs, reduce access and reduce the quality of medical care in the U.S. This is a timely and relevant topic for citizens of all political affiliations to hear in order to make informed decisions for themselves.

Besides listening to the speaker, participating in discussions and enjoying refreshments, there will be petitions available to sign expressing our concerns about the direction the Obama administration and the Congress are taking this country. These petitions will be sent to the president and legislators. Each of us has ideas for better solutions to the problems facing the country and this is an opportunity to express them.

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