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SER Jobs for Progress provides work for seniors

Pagosa Springs Youth Center, in partnership with SER Jobs for Progress, needs help.

Needed are a food service trainee, a building maintenance trainee, and someone to prepare social media postings, posters, press releases and fliers.

SER Jobs for Progress, a training and employment services organization funded in part by grants from the U.S. Department of Labor, is commemorating 45 years of providing low income, older workers job development through Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP).

SCSEP is a community service and work-based training program that provides paid, part-time, community service training for unemployed persons age 55 or older. Through the program, older workers have access to SCSEP services, as well as employment assistance through the local Colorado Work Force Center.

SCSEP participants are placed in a variety of paid community service activities at nonprofit and public agencies to provide assistance to the organization and help the participant prepare to re-enter the work force.

Several other training opportunities exist in Pagosa Springs.

SER Jobs for Progress welcomes calls from seniors wanting to participate in this paid training program. The office is in Durango and can be reached by calling (970) 385 3995.

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