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Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts to launch recycling initiative on Earth Day

The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Pagosa Springs will launch their recycling initiative “Save the Planet, Pagosa Style!” on April 16 from noon to 5 at the Earth Day event in Town Park.

The scouts will have a container available for your recyclables, as well as information about recycling in Pagosa Country. To kick off this event, Cub Scout Jack Foster and Girl Scout Megan Rafferty, along with her troop, have written the following news articles about recycling in Pagosa.

If you would like to support the scouts of Pagosa, contact Cub Scout Committee Chair Laura Foster at or Girl Scout Service Unit Manager Darcy Downing at

Reduce, re-use, recycle — Scout style

By Megan Rafferty, Girl Scout Senior, Troop 2927.

Some people may have noticed that Pagosa lacks a recycling center. That’s where the scouts come in. The Cub and Boy Scouts along with Girl Scouts of Pagosa Springs are teaming up to provide a recycling facility for the community. With the support of the town, the scouts are excited and confident that we will achieve this goal. The scouts have many of the same troop goals, one being to give back to our community. A recycling center is a step in that direction.

Did you know that, every hour, 2.5 million water bottles are thrown away? Eight out of 10 of those bottles go un-recycled and into a landfill. Recycling is becoming a reality that everyone needs to become active in. Recycling is not only a way to help preserve our environment, but it’s also a way to protect our wildlife.

Wildlife preservation is a big part of why we need to recycle. Landfills, which are full of batteries, plastic bags, and many other things that aren’t healthy for animals, are serving as, basically, a buffet for them. When an animal consumes a toxic substance, like acid from a battery, this leads to an untimely death. In some cases, this could potentially be what causes the end of a species. The Disney movie, “Happy Feet” was an excellent view of why recycling is important. As the movie showed, the six-ringed soda can holders can find their way onto an animal’s neck, which can cause them to choke. This can be avoided by simply snipping the rings so that they’re no longer a complete circle.

Girl Scout Kayla Nasralla told a story to our troop about how her cousin’s dog died because of an un-recycled plastic bag.

Another Girl Scout, Frankie Romero, expressed how sad she gets when animals die due to trash. “This could all be prevented if we had a place to recycle useless items.”

Our environment is one of the most precious things on this planet. By not recycling, we’re abusing it. Recycling, by definition, means, “Processing old materials into new products.” Instead of simply throwing our garbage into a trash can or out of the car window, recycling serves as a more helpful alternative. A simple plastic sandwich bag takes 2,000 years to decompose! That is about 25 lifetimes. Tiarra Downing, a junior Girl Scout, says that it makes her mad when she sees trash in ditches. “Pagosa Springs is a beautiful town, why ruin it with garbage?”

Help us make a difference. We want to increase recycling and decrease the trash dumped into the landfills. Come see us on Earth Day in Town Park, April 16. We have a cool way of recycling water bottles. Together, Boy and Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and our community can make a difference!

Pagosa the Beautiful

By Jack Foster, Cub Scout Troop 807.

Hi, my name is Jack Foster. I am 9 and a half years old and I’m in Cub Scout Pack 807 in the Bear den. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are working together to get Archuleta County recycling. We are going to have a recycling drive on April 16.

I moved from a big city recently and I have seen what happens when people don’t care about recycling and the environment. Resources run out, there’s less habitat for the animals, and everything always looks so dirty.

I love Pagosa Springs because it’s so beautiful and we are surrounded by wildlife. My wish is that it stays this beautiful for my kids. I’m asking everyone in Pagosa to please help the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts in helping our environment by recycling. For all of our futures, please come to our recycling drive April 16. Thank you.

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