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Updating the county’s community plan

The Archuleta County Community Plan is a guiding document for county development.

The plan is supported by a regulatory Land Use Code and zoning.

From time to time, the community plan needs review to determine if it needs updating. The planning commissions of both the town and the county have been meeting monthly to address discrepancies in their respective zoning maps and future land use plans, and to devise possible solutions for aligning their respective plans. The objective of these meetings has been to consider ways to streamline the planning process and to make the permitting process simpler and more predictable, particularly in the current economic climate.

After much discussion, the joint commission’s preferred alternative is to amend the county’s Future Land Use Map, which is a key element in the community plan that was adopted in 2001 and guides future development.

The Archuleta County Planning Commission and department invite all interested citizens to attend a meeting to discuss the future development in Archuleta County.

The first work session on amending the Future Land Use Map will be held at 6 p.m. Wednesday April 13, at the County Extension Building at 344 U.S. 84. Future work session dates to be determined.

For more information, contact the planning department at 731-3877 or

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