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The Stanford Forgiveness Project

On Sunday, April 3, the Pagosah Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will learn about The Stanford Forgiveness Project, in a talk by Judith Reynolds, guest speaker from the UU Fellowship of Durango.

Reynolds points out that, “Many of us grew up learning about the moral imperative of forgiveness. It is a key teaching in most religions, and is the theme of Christianity’s most common supplication, the Lord’s Prayer.”

However, she adds, “But putting forgiveness into practice is not always easy. Sometimes it seems impossible.  Dr. Frederic Luskin of the Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention devised a path to forgiveness that he has introduced to many Americans and to countries ravaged by conflict.  It’s different from Truth and Reconciliation so famously introduced in South Africa.”

In an effort to add to the ongoing conversation about forgiveness in the Unitarian Universalist Fellowships of Durango and Pagosa Springs, Judith Reynolds, noted author, journalist, artist, and critic will summarize the ideas behind the project and invite discussion.

The children’s program exploring world religions will continue the last two weeks of April, when the focus will be on Sufism and Sikhism.  The first two weeks will be preparation of songs and skits for “Tending the Garden,” a full-community service presented by the children and young people.

The service begins at 10:30 a.m. in the Pagosah Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall, Unit B-15, Greenbriar Plaza. Turn east on Greenbriar Drive off of North Pagosa Boulevard by the fire station, then left into the back parking lot and look for the big sign.   All are welcome.

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