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Teams needed for Relay for Life

We never had cancer in our family. But then, in generations past, the men rarely lived past 55.

When my father’s 70-year-old brother called to say he was terminal with prostate cancer, he made Dad promise to return to New Jersey for his funeral. Before he was able to fulfill that promise, my father was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia and died two months later. I had to go in his place.

Then the women in the family started showing up with cancers — my mother with breast cancer and my cousin with lung cancer.

This all happened at least 30 years ago. Were it today, they all might have survived. The strides made in curing some cancers have come such a long way and are a result of the many dedicated people who have gotten involved, fostered awareness, and raised funds for research and support.

Relay for Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature event for fund raising.

The Archuleta County Relay for Life, scheduled for June 25-26, is short on teams to participate in this year’s effort. Fourteen teams have committed, but the goal is 25. We have a long way to go.

Do you have a group at work, in your neighborhood, or at your church that you can get together? It is truly remarkable how many people just need to be asked to participate. If you don’t have a group to align with, you can join one of those already formed. Everyone is welcome.

All of us have been affected by cancer in some way. We have lost parents, sister, brothers, relatives, and dear friends. It is up to us to remember them, to celebrate their lives, and to fight back against cancer.

To sign your team up, or for more information, please call Tiffany Wilkins, team development chair, at 731-0816 or e-mail her at We need your help!

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